Cowboys Injury Report

The Dallas Cowboys are facing a massive game on Sunday when they travel to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Now we will take a look at that game later on, but before we can break it down we must understand the injury situation for the Dallas Cowboys.  It is late in the season, and like most teams in the NFL the injuries are mounting for the Dallas Cowboys.  It appears that for every step they take forward and get a player back from the injury list, someone else goes down.  Injuries may play as big a role in Sunday’s game as any play calling and X’s and O’s

DeMarcus Ware (Knee): Ware injured his knee during the blowout on Thanksgiving day against the Seattle Seahawks.  However, he returned to practice on Thursday which is a good sign that he will be able to play come Sunday evening.  Dallas will need his pressure on the defensive line if they want to win.

Marion Barber(Toe): Barber dislocated his toe last week and as a result he has not practiced all week.  His status is still very unclear for Sunday’s game.  Right now the Dallas Cowboys are calling him a game time decision.

Mike Jenkins (Hamstring): The young receiver has worked with trainers all week, to heal up his strained hamstring. However, he is doubtful to play on Sunday meaning he will miss his second consecutive game.

Miles Austin (Knee): Austin will continue to be sidelined with an injured knee. Originally they said he would be out two to four weeks. Missing Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh will mark his third week out.

Isiah Stanback (Shoulder): Stanback has worked out all week and he also played some last week in punt return duty.  His shoulder will require off season surgery, but he will play Sunday in kick off return duty.

Dallas Wins Big on Turkey Day

Okay, I know this is plenty late, and I apologize for that, but there is some logic behind my madness.  I have been looking for the perfect clip to celebrate the Dallas Cowboys big Thanksgiving day win over the Seattle Seahawks.  The Dallas offense was amazing on Saturday, as Tony Romo has seemingly regain his swagger, and that could not have come at a better time.  However, it was the defense that should be awarded the game ball for their effort on Thursday.  The Dallas Cowboys front seven on defense harassed the Seattle backfield all day.  More importantly we got a new celebration dance thanks to their efforts.  So now for all of your enjoyment, I bring you the dirty dirty.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Adam Jones On Thin Ice

We reported last week that defensive back Adam Pacman Jones was reinstated into the NFL by Commissioner Goodell, and as Jones returns to the practice field this week, we are finding out the stipulations behind his return.

In many ways it was impressive that Goodell allowed Jones to return to the Dallas Cowboys, after his latest altercation earlier this fall.  It is no secret that Goodell is out to clean up the NFL and it’s image that has been tarnished so badly over the past few season, due to a multitude of off the field altercations.  While some are saying Goodell has been too soft on Adam Jones, he appears to be ready to lay the hammer down on the young man if he has another run in with the law.

Reports indicate there are some strict stipulations on Adam Jones for his recent return to football.  He has no more exceptions no more exemptions.  If Adam Jones finds himself in trouble again he will face a lifetime ban from the NFL. This means Jones must abstain from all illegal activity, it also means he must make all of his alcohol rehab meetings.  One missed meeting will result in a suspension. You can bet that Roger Goodell would be more than happy to enforce that threat too, if it the times comes.  To be perfectly honest, I cannot imagine anyone would be upset with Goodell if he chose to enforce that ruling either.  Many fans were calling for a life long ban after the most recent altercation.

It also appears that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is fed up with Adam Jones’ actions.  When Adam Jones first came to the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones was ready to bend over backwards to help the trouble DB adjust to life in Dallas.  Jones hired bodyguards who were to travel with Adam Jones at all times. The Dallas Cowboys restricted the number of public appearances Adam Jones could make in hopes of helping him keep a low profile.  In the end, it was one of the bodyguards hired to protect him that Adam Jones got into a fight with at a Dallas hotel.  That was too much for owner Jerry Jones to handle.  He has cut the safety net from under Adam Jones, and if he falls, he just fails.

Dallas Rolls to Their Second Victory

Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys put on one of their best offensive showings in this season to date.  The Cowboys destroyed the San Francisco 49’ers in Irving Texas, and took got one step closer to making the NFL Postseason.

The Cowboys victory on Sunday was spurned by the efforts of one T.O. Owens was absolutely unstoppable Sunday afternoon.  He racked up 213 yards receiving and one touchdown.  For some reason the 49’ers chose to go single coverage on Owens all day, and Tony Romo was more than happy to look his way and capitalize on the poor choice of coverage.

Normally I have criticized the Dallas Cowboys for going to Owens too often during the flow of a game.  Too often I believe that the Cowboys force the ball to Owens, and as a result it stifles the offense.  This can be seen during the first Washington Redskins game.  However, the play calling choices on Sunday were perfect.  The Cowboys struggled to get their rushing game going with Marion Barber on the ground, and they needed a separate outlet to jump-start their offense.  In moments like that is is acceptable and the right choice to look to your other great play-maker.  Owens did a great job of stepping in and filling the void of offense left by Marion Barber.

Adam Jones is Back


We reported earlier today that Adam Pacman Jones was released from his alcohol treatment center earlier this week, and now he was simply waiting to hear from the NFL to find out if he would be allowed to play again.  It appears that Adam will not have to wait long before being reinstated, but actually getting back onto the football field may take some time.

Roger Goodell announced earlier today that he was going to reinstate Adam Jones this week.  Upon hearing that news, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was too excited to contain himself and leaked the news to the press.  Adam Jones will be back on the Dallas Cowboys roster by the close of business Thursday.

However, according to Dallas officials (mainly Jerry Jones), the troubled cornerback will not return to the field to play till after the Cowboys Thanksgiving game.  This will give Adam Jones a couple weeks to get his game legs back, as well as adjust to any changes in that may have been made to the defensive scheme while he was away from the team.  What is important about him being reinstated now is 1) he can no beginning receiving paychecks from the Dallas Cowboys, even if he will not participate in the next two games.  2) By being reinstated now, it will give Adam a two week period to get back up to speed with things, before the Dallas Cowboys enter their brutal home stretch of games in the month of December.

There is no doubt that the Dallas Cowboys defense will gladly welcome Adam Jones back into the fold.  Now the hope is that he can keep his nose clean and remain out of trouble, because his cannot have many more chances left in the bag.

Here Comes San Francisco

On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys take the field once again in another must win situation. This time they are playing San Francisco.  The Cowboys got the win on the road last weekend against the Washington Redskin, but they are far from saving their season, on Sunday at noon with the 49’ers come to town, the Dallas Cowboys will have to put it all on the line if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The San Francisco 49’ers are 1 and 2 under new head coach Mike Singletary, but that record does not come close to telling the whole story.  The 49’ers are a much improved team under Mike Singlertary.  They are playing tough hard-nosed football.  He has made it his decree that San Francisco will be a tough minded team that can run the ball down opponents throats.  To this point of the season Frank Gore has been a threat on the ground even when San Francisco is not performing up to par.  In addition to Frank Gore, Mike Singletary turned the play calling duty over to Shaun Hill.  With Hill back in the lineup he seems to have givin San Fran a spark.  Hill does not have the strongest arm on the field, but he has done a solid job of managing the game.  That is all the 49’ers are looking for right now, manage the game and let Frank Gore do his thing.

The last time the Dallas Cowboys faced a team that had recently undergone a coaching change it was the St. Louis Rams on the road earlier this season, and everyone remembers that game ended.  The Dallas Cowboys will need to have their head on straight if they want to come out of the other side of this game with a victory.   The Cowboys will have to match the 49’ers intensity if they want to win on Sunday.  One thing that is for sure is Mike Singletary will have his players fired up and ready to play at 100% come Sunday, and if the Cowboys even begin to overlook San Francisco they can kiss Sunday’s game and the post season goodbye.

Adam Pacman Jones Exits Rehab


According to sources, Adam Jones has completed the impatient portion of his Alcohol Rehab.  Part of the NFL’s stipulations was that Jones must attend this treatment sessions if he wished to have a chance to return to the NFL.

Now Jones and the Dallas Cowboys must play the waiting game, and see what Goodell decides to do with Adam’s future.  Right now Jones is still suspended and it will be up to Goodell to chose if and when Adam Jones can play again.

According to Jones’ agent he is at home and resting while taking care of some personal business.  Hopefully for the Dallas Cowboys, at home and resting means, Jones will not become too bored with himself and find himself in a world of trouble once again.

Dallas Gets The Win and Saves the Season


The Dallas Cowboys entered Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins with their backs against the wall.  Everyone in the NFL knew the Cowboys had to get the win on Sunday night to remain above .500 and to give themselves a fighting chance to compete in the NFC East and possibly make the playoffs.  For second year head coach Wade Phillips, Sunday’s game would require his best coaching effort to date.

The Washington Redskins came out and on their opening drive they marched the ball down the field and capped the drive with a two yard touchdown pass to fullback Mike Sellers.  From the begining it looked as if we were watching the old Dallas defense that would bend and eventually break.  However, that would not be the case.  After the sluggish start, the Cowboys defense solidified itself, and played the Redskins to a stalemate for the remainder of the game, only giving up a field goal just before the end of the first half.  There is no doubt that Wade Phillips and the Dallas defense deserve the credit for the impressive win on Sunday night.

On the other side of the ball, Tony Romo stepped back into his role as starter after missing three games with a broken pinkie.  Throughout the course of the game, we saw shades of the old Romo, both for better and for worse.  He did throw two interceptions on the night.  Romo also had trouble handling the ball at times, causing some of this throws to go erratic.  This was due to the the splint/cast he was wearing to protect his injured finger.  There is no doubt that the star of the day was Dallas runningback Marion Barber III.  Barber went on a tear in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game picking up 56 yards on the ground and one reception for 10 yards.  His workman like effort kept the Cowboys offense on the field and allowed them to run down the clock as they clung to a four point lead. There is no doubt that his performance in the fourth quarter was nothing short of amazing.  Barber enjoys his role as a closer, being able to come into games late in the fourth and simply punish teams.  In an old fashioned NFC East game, it pays to have an old school style runningback like Marion Barber.

The win puts the Dallas Cowboys right back into the thick of things in the NFC East.  At 6-4 they are now tied with the Washington Redskins and have a one game lead over the Eagles who appear to be sinking. Dallas will need to continue to play stellar football coming down the stretch of the season if they want to make the post season.  However, with games against New York and Philadelphia left on the schedule there is still plenty of time to right the ship. The trip to the finish will prove to be very exciting.

Jerry Jones is Positive About the Season


Never at a lost for words, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to hold a mini press conference during Thursday’s practice and the star of the media gathering was none other than Jerry Jones.  The Cowboys owner took the opportunity to address the media, and give his opinions on what his team will accomplish throughout the rest of the season.

When asked, Jones said his team “absolutely” would make the post season.  That comes across as a strong word, considering the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are sitting at five and four going into this Sunday’s showdown against the Washington Redskins.  A lost in Sunday’s game would almost definitely knock the Cowboys out of the extremely tight NFC playoff race.

Jerry Jones went on to say the team would welcome Adam Jones back on the field if and when he is reinstated by the league.  That does not come as too much of a shock as the Cowboys could use every bit of help they can get in the secondary right now, and while Adam Jones is not the best defender in the league, he could provide relief to a secondary that is run by rookies at the moment.

Finally Jerry Jones addressed the current coaching situation in Dallas, stating that current head coach Wade Philips was not in danger of losing his job.   Now this announcement does come as a surprise.  Pretty much anyone who follows the Dallas Cowboys figured that Wade Philips was only a holding place coach while Jason Garrett got his feet under him.  Jones most recent announcement can be take two ways.  First, he is full of it, and he decided to just give the typical rah rah speech and chose not to throw his coach under the bus.

The second way to take Jerry Jones’ comments could prove to be more interesting, especially when considering the future of the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys offense has not been the juggernaut that it was a year ago.  Even with a healthy lineup the Boys have had their games when they just seemed out of sync.  It could be that Jerry Jones is realizing this and he is having some hesitation turning over the keys to his car to Jason Garrett and his system.  This could be an interesting story that would be worth following as we wrap up the season and head into the off-season.

Terrell Owens Gives Advice to Kids

T.O. swings by Dave Letterman’s show to give some advice to the kids of the United States.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]