Terry Glenn’s Hard Choice


According to many sources Terry Glenn is going to have to make a choice and it’s a tough one.  Glenn has to either shut it down and have season ending knee surgery or have the damaged taken out and try to play in four or five weeks. Both options have it’s drawbacks in Glenn’s eyes.  The season ending surgery means he’s gone for the year and he knows his window of opportunity is closing fast to win a Super Bowl.

The other option really isn’t much better either. If Glenn has surgery now to repair the damage he could come back in four to five weeks but there is a chance he could get injured again and it cost him his career. It’s a chance you take if he uses that option. From what I hear that’s the option he may go with. He thinks the Cowboys have a good shot of making it this year and he wants to be a part of it. I will keep you posted on what he decides to do.