All-Time Team Quarterback


The Dallas Cowboys have had some great quarterbacks so choosing the one to represent our team was a tough one. Danny White in my opinion is one of the most underrated Dallas Cowboy quarterbacks and have really never got the respect he deserved. Craig Morton was another very good quarterback who did good things, but left and did well in Denver.

This leaves it down to Troy Aikman who led the Cowboys to Super Bowl championships and was one of the more accurate quarterbacks in Dallas history. The remaining one was Mr. Cowboy Roger Staubach who also led the Cowboys to  Super bowl championships. Now the hard part who do I like the best.

I have to give the nod to Roger Staubach as he played longer and in my opinion could do a little more than Aikman. Roger was more of a running quarterback, but could throw from the pocket if needed. The all-time quarterback spot goes to Roger Staubach in a very close match.