All-Time Running Backs Team


Okay, it’s time to pick our all-time running backs team. This was a really hard set to pick from as each had there merits on why they should be chosen. Let’s start with full back. I narrowed it down to Robert Newhouse and Darryl Johnston. Both are great players and could do many things that’s for sure. I took Johnston for really only one reason he was a better pass catcher out of the backfield than Newhouse.

Now when we get to the tailback as I like to call it many people here stood out. Don Perkins was an outstanding back who many may not have seen played, but his stats speak for themselves.  Tony Dorsett was a back who had lighting quick speed and could take it to the house on any given play. The thing about Dorsett is he never gave up. Walt Garrison was a throwback kind of player that was a tough guy to bring down who ran north and south and would punish you if you tried to tackle him.

Ron Springs was a guy who could do it all. He could run the ball, block and out of all these running backs had the best set of hands out of the back field. Herschel Walker was the strongest out of all the running backs and would just flat run you over. He had sprinter speed and would use it when need.

By choice though has to be Emmitt Smith for a couple of reasons. The all-time leader in yardage Emmitt Smith set the standard by the way he played through injuries and his will to never give up. Emmitt Smith was one of a kind. So our all-time team at fullback and running back is:

Darryl Johnston

Emmitt Smith