Dallas 2-0 After Rout Of Miami 37-20


The Dallas Cowboys got some gifts on route to there 37-20 rout in Miami. Tony Romo threw two touchdown passes and Terrell Owens caught one as the Dallas Cowboys moved to 2-0 this season. Owens also had a neat celebration where he used the football as a camera to mock spygate. I’m sure he probably will get a nice little fine for that.

Offensively the Cowboys were pretty balanced throwing for 186 yards and rushing for 166 yards. Marion Barber had a good day rushing for two touchdowns himself. The defense played better this week, but the really story was the turnovers by Trent Green. Green had four interceptions which didn’t help Miami. In fact Miami was only down 10-6 at halftime. The bottom line though if you turn the ball over in the NFL you are going to lose. In all Miami had five turnovers that killed them.

Overall the Cowboys played well the only thing that I didn’t like was over 100 yards in penalties. This coming week is a Sunday Night Game and against the Chicago Bears we can’t do that especially against there defense.