Dallas Cowboys All-Time Receivers Team


Well it’s time for us to move on to the Dallas Cowboys All-Time Team and today we are going to look at Receivers. There are many good receivers throughout the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Below is a short list of who could be our choices.

  1. Billy Joe Dupree- Real good tight end that could block too
  2. Tony Hill- Fast and great set of hands
  3. Drew Pearson- Mr Clutch. You needed a catch this is the man
  4. Jay Novacek- Maybe the most underrated receiver in Cowboys history.
  5. Michael Irvin- He just made plays
  6. Bob Hayes- Great speed and the ability to take it to the house
  7. Alvin Harper- Some Good years as a Cowboy

These are the guys we are looking at and we can only take two so let’s get our votes in.