Our Picks For All-Time Receivers Team


This was one of the hardest positions to pick as many are deserving of starting on the Dallas Cowboys All-Time Team. Let’s break it down and see who made the final cut.

Billy Joe Dupree was one of my favorites who probably didn’t get the press he deserved. Dupree was a great blocker who did whatever the team needed.

Tony Hill was a dynamic receiver who could take it to the house on any play.  Quick with great hands.

Alvin Harper was the same as Hill. He had good hands and speed to burn. He also was a very good blocker down the field.

Jay Novacek was a receiver that played with Troy Aikman and always seemed to get open when Aikman got into trouble.  A great tight end.

Bob Hayes was the first real track star that made the transition from track to football and he did it extremely well that’s for sure.

All the above were great receivers and all were deserving, but I narrowed it down to these final two players.

Michael Irvin was a Cowboys receiver who got the nickname Playmaker for a reason he made plays. If you needed a first down than this is the guy you went to. If he wouldn’t had to retire early there is a good chance he would own every NFL record for receiving.

Drew Pearson earned the nickname Mr. Clutch for various reasons. When there was a big catch that needed to be made he would make it. It didn’t matter if it was across the middle or a five yard out pattern it seem Pearson would catch them all. 

Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson are the two who make it to the all-time team with there stellar play.