Dallas vs Chicago My Take


This should be a real fun game to watch and I can imagine to play in. The Dallas Cowboys are on the road and travel to Chicago to play the Bears on a Sunday Night Nationally televised game.  The bears really haven’t played up to what they are capable of yet and Rex Grossman has been his usual good one game bad the next. The Dallas Cowboys need to get pressure on Rex Grossman and get him to make some mistakes. That will be the key. This game could ride on how well the Dallas defense plays tonight.

On offense Tony Romo will see a lot of blitzes and will have to check off a lot against the Bears defense which is one of the best if not the best. T.O. also will need to help Romo out by cutting some routes short as Romo will be pressured all night long. The running game can help the Cowboys and especially Tony Romo if they can get going, but against Chicago I don’t look for it.

With all this said I still like the Cowboys 17-14 in a very close game. I just think it’s going to come down to the quarterbacks and Romo is playing better than Grossman.