Dallas Rolls Over Chicago 34-10


The Dallas Cowboys rolled again this time in was in Chicago against the Chicago Bears. Tony Romo struggled in the first half as the Bears great defense pressure him and his timing was off. Romo though isn’t one to give up and he kept playing hard and good things happen in the second half. All in all Romo was 22 for 35 and 329 yards and two touchdown passes. Romo also tossed one interception.

Terrell Owens came alive in the second half to lead all Cowboy receivers with 8 catches for 145 yards while Marion barber ran for over 100 yards and one touchdown. Now the Cowboys defense played better and picked off Rex Grossman 3 times to help the Cowboys cause. I was surprised at how well the Cowboys defense played in this game. I do have to admit though Rex Grossman made it a lot easier with throwing those interceptions.

Dallas was able to contain Devin Hester and put pressure on Grossman which was very important. Next up for the Cowboys are the St. Louis Rams who are struggling right now.