How Did Tony Romo Slip Past Everyone On Draft Day?


Tony Romo is a success story that has taken some time, but still a success story. How did a guy who was undrafted and no one really thought much of make it to where he is now? It’s simple a belief in yourself and wanting it very badly. Romo played his college football at eastern Illinois where he rolled up some very impressive stats. His sophomore year he ranked second in passing efficiency completing 164 of 278 passes. He also tossed 27 touchdowns and threw for over 2,500 yards. He was honored that year with the All-American Honorable mention.

In 2002 at Eastern Illinois he won the Water Payton award for the Nation’s Top Player in I-AA football. An honor he is very proud of. Many scouts liked Romo including Shaun Payton and Mike Shanahan of the Broncos. Neither though drafted him when they had the chance. Romo would sign with the Cowboys and had to wait his turn. Once he got it though he has showed everyone why they should have drafted him when they had the chance. I guess that’s just the way it works sometimes.