Jerry Jones Love Him Or Hate Him He’s Classy


If you bring up the name of Jerry Jones in front of Cowboy fans you could get a very mixed response from people from love to hate. Jones understands this and that doesn’t stop him from doing his job. Jones is more passionate than many people realize and sometimes you have to look past some things he does as many times good things don’t get noticed.

Take Greg Ellis who has been injured and hasn’t played much in the first four games. Ellis took a insurance policy out just in-case he couldn’t come back from his injuries. He learned this from Mack Brown and one year when he was injured he didn’t have one and it cost him dearly. In Jerry Jones office during discussions on a new contract Ellis brought it up to Jones and said he didn’t want to get hurt and have his family being without any money so he wanted to take his injury slow. What did Jones say about it. He commended Ellis for protecting his family and offered to pay the amount of the policy if Ellis gets hurt.

He showed Ellis love and in return Ellis will play even harder for Jones and he knows it. Jones for all his faults does have some good moments and this was one of them.