Buffalo Vs Dallas Preview


If you believe what everyone is telling you this game should be a blowout. That is possible, but nothing in the NFL is easy. The Buffalo Bills have struggled this year, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to lay down in front of a National televised crowd. The Bills are a proud franchise and this gives them a chance to pull a upset.

The Cowboys need to end this one early if all possible. Romo and the Cowboys need to score early and often so the Buffalo Bills have no chance. If the Bills can stay in the game than they have a chance. The Bills aren’t as bad as they have played so far this year. Defensively the Cowboys need to stop the run and put tons of pressure on the quarterback. The key to this game is simple put the Bills away early so they have no chance at all.

My prediction is Cowboys 35-14 over the Bills. I think it will be close for awhile, but the Cowboys just have to many weapons for the Bills defense.