Cowboys Stop Bills Upset Bid 25-24

1h.jpgThe Buffalo Bills gave the Dallas Cowboys more than they could have imagined. It took Nick Folk to hit a 50 yard plus field goal as time expired to give the Dallas Cowboys a 25-24 win at Buffalo. The Bills intercepted Tony Romo five times and made Romo look somewhat human as the Bills seem to know his every move most of the time.

The Buffalo Bills were not intimidated by all the hoopla surrounding a Monday Night game and came out and played extremely well. The Cowboys on the other hand were horrible at times. Most of this can be a direct result of the Buffalo Bills great play. Were the Cowboys looking past the Buffalo Bills that’s a possibility, but in my opinion they ran into a team in the Buffalo Bills who had something to prove. I think their statement was loud and clear to everyone they are no pushover.

The Cowboys won and in the end that’s all that really matters. The interceptions by Romo were killers and T. O. dropping passes didn’t help either, but like they say a win is a win no matter how you get it.