Brady Tosses 5 Touchdown Passes In Rout Of Cowboys


 The Dallas Cowboys got to see why Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are one of the elite teams in the NFL. Brady tossed five touchdown passes enroute to a 48-27 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. This wasn’t unexpected by many, I was a little disappointed in the play of the Cowboys, but remember Cowboy fans this is only one game. Let’s breakdown the game a little more.

Going into the season I told everyone the Cowboys secondary was weak and cutting Aaron Glenn was a mistake. The Cowboys secondary was toast all afternoon long. The biggest problem is when you face a team like the Patriots you need a pass rush. You let Tom Brady stand in the pocket all day and he will kill you. When he was rushed though we weren’t even close to his receivers.

Everyone in the league knows the Cowboys cornerbacks are soft and don’t cover well. The good thing is you don’t have to play that many new England teams during the year. Romo had a decent game but if you want to win you have to match touchdown for touchdown which we didn’t. We abandon the running game to quickly especially in the fourth quarter. Getting stops was crucial and the defense just couldn’t. The bottom line is the better team won. The Patriots are a lot better than the Cowboys right now that is fact. It was a learning experience that the Cowboys will grow from. Let’s see how they rebound from it.