Nick Folk Unsung Hero


Nick Folk is a guy you would never expect to be as good as he has shown so far. Folk was drafted in the sixth round at pick number 178. Not a real high draft pick and he has done an excellent job so far. He came out of the university of Arizona  and is only 22 years old and is handling kicking in the NFL with class and doesn’t seem to sweat the pressure kicks. In fact it seems he relishes in a chance to win a game.

So far this year he has made 13 out of 15 kicks for a 86.7 percentage rate of conversions. This is really a good number. His long is 53 yards so far this year. Having a good kicker is crucial if you hope to win the close games. In fact Folk has proven is worth already by kicking the game winner in Buffalo. This is one draft pick the Cowboys should be proud of.