Dallas vs. San Diego The Recap

The Dallas Cowboys entered battle for the first time this season and the results were not what anyone was looking for. Lucky for the Boys it was a preseason game and the results in terms of the score don’t mean a thing. Sadly for the Cowboys, the game showed they have plenty of holes that need to be patched, some of which have been there since last season.

The most glaring result from Saturday’s game was the Cowboys inability to perform on special teams. Their coverage teams were horrible. The punt coverage team allowed the Charger return men to have a field day that would set up many of San Diego’s scoring opportunities. This is a bit disappointing considering that it was the punt team that gave up massive returns in playoff game against the Giants last season. There is no question that this is an issue that must be addressed ASAP. Special teams are so important to the overall success of a football team. The Dallas Cowboys should know that better than anyone after poor play on special teams have cost them two playoff games.

The high point of the game has to be the continuity of the first team offense. Romo to Whiten is something the league needs to get used to because those two just seem to click and click very well. The first team O was good, and the emergence of Mr. Jones will be something Cowboy fans will love.

Overall it’s hard to take a lot from this game. The bottom line is the special team must improve.

Top Passer: Brad Johnson 89 yards

Top Rusher: Jacob Hester 49 yards

Top Receiver: Mike Austin 64 yards