The Cowboys are Moving!

The Dallas Cowboys are packing up and leaving town.  Well sort of the Boys have left Cali and are currently in Denver Co.  training with the Denver Broncos ahead of their big game this weekend.  This follows a trend these two teams began last season when Denver moved their camp to Dallas ahead of their pre-season game.  

The teams are currently holding dual practices today and again on Thursday.  These practices are closed to the public.  Last season during these workout some of the players found themselves getting a bit heated when they were being tested by someone from another team.  However, I like this idea.  Give the players a chance to go against someone who doesn’t wear the same jersey as them.  Let them get a little bit more real time experience.  This is especially good for the younger players who are struggling to make a roster.  

Just imagine right now out there in Denver there is a DB group with Dre Bly, Champ Bailey, Adam Jones and Terrence Newmen, now that is talent. 

Hopefully these teams won’t beat each other up too much going into the weekend.   

Broncos Practice