Changing it up


It does not take an expert to realize that the Cowboys have gotten off to a rocky start.  A large portion of that can be attributed to their circus like atmosphere they have worked in to this point.  Practice in Cali, a train to San Diego a bus trip back, 3 days in Denver then another game.  Dallas has yet to establish a rhythm and all football players will tell you just how much they appreciate getting into sync, they are in many ways the ultimate creature of habit.  

Tuesday the Cowboys got back to their Vally Ranch home, and the results could be seen immediately.  Wade Phillips said the Boys had their best practice of the year.  That is a good sign for a team that has been plagued by stupid mental errors.  In a continued effort to get his players used to their surroundings, Wade Phillips will have the team practice at Texas Stadium on Wednesday night in front of the fans .  Philips hopes that exposing some of his younger players to Texas Stadium and its  fans will help ease some jitters ahead of this weekends game.