Big D Feels the Brady Affect and Signs a QB


Tom Brady gets taken out during the early game on Sunday, and the affect could be felt around the league.  Sure, teams across the AFC are rejoicing now they have a chance to take down the big bad Patriots.  However, the Brady injury had another lingering affect, one that made it was to Dallas and the Cowboys.

On Monday evening, the Dallas Cowboys signed veteran QB Brooks Bollinger to a one year deal worth just over $600,000.  Bollinger had started for the Jets and the Vikings at different points of his career.  This will be the first time the Cowboys have carried three QB’s on their roster since 2005.

“I think seven or eight teams only had two quarterbacks, and we were one of those teams,” head coach Wade Phillips said. “We had the same case last year, but we feel better about having a third quarterback and a guy that can come in and also learn our system. We think he’s talented and does a lot of good things.”

“It’s for this year and for the future,” Wade Phillips said. “If you have a young one you think is going be there you want to keep him, I think. In his case, we’ve got a fairly young guy who’s got some experience.”

It does not require a lof of effort to read between those lines.  While the Cowboys have full faith and applauded the play of Brad Johnson, they know he is nearing the end of his career.  Bollinger is a five year vet, who at one time led Wisconsin to a Rose Bowl victory.  Bringing him in now, gives the Cowboys insurence in case the unthinkable happens to Romo.  It also give them the opportunity to begin grooming their next backup.  Who knows, with any luck he may mature into the next Jason Garrett, that worked out well last time.