Notes on the Eagles Cowboys Game

Okay, so this is typically where I would do a complete recap of the the Cowboys game on Monday Night Football, and I would talk stats and strategy and all of that.  However, I think I am going to change it up just a little bit for this week.  Last nights game was one of the best games I have ever seen.  And typically while I am watching a game I am going to write about I jot down notes on my laptop so that I can remember them when I go to write later that day or the next day.  Well since Monday night’s game was so exciting, I thought I would give a little bit of an insight to everyone and share the notes I took while watching the game.

Brian Westbrook may be the best underrated player in the NFL today.

McNabb looks good. He must be about 15-20 pounds lighter.

The Cowboys are getting no pass rush.  Why dont they blitz more?  You can’t possibly respect the Eagles wide outs that much.

Torched… it looks like T.O. and Romo are as in sync as ever.

When did T.O. rack up 130 td’s

Where’s the defense at?

Has Bobby Carpenter played at all this year?  I thought he was finally had it all put together.

Zach Thomas looks like he could play another 2 or 3 seasons

Why are Romo’s hands so bad?  It’s like every game he mishandles a seemingly basic play

Good to see Terrence Newman getting some work in.

Why is it so hard to bring down Donovan McNabb?

Felix Jones may be the best draft pick the Cowboys have made since Emmit Smith

Glad to see Wade Phillips woke up the boys in the second half.  The front seven are getting a good rush on McNabb.

Too many penalties again.  That will bite the Cowboys in the ass this year.

Ware is an absolute beast. You have to love the way this guy plays. I wish more of him would rub off on Chris Canty.

Looks like McNabb caught Romo’s case of fumbleitus

Jim Johnson dialed up the right defense on third and short, got to give him credit for that.