T.O. Goes on the Attack


Sunday was not the best day for the Dallas Cowboys.  Their high powered offense was slowed to a crawl and more importantly they lost a division game to a rival.  However, all of that has been over shadowed by what wide receiver Terrell Owens may have said during his post game interviews and in private with QB Tony Romo.  It appears that once again T.O. has gotten himself into a pot of hot water, and this time he is not going to sit there and just take it.

T.O. went on the offensive to confront his critics and he used his radio as the platform to get his voice out to whoever would listen.  On his weekly show, Owens denied ever having words with his quarterback, stating that the conversation simply never took place.  Therefore he never could have expressed any frustration or anger even if he had them.

Owens went on to say that his comments during his post game interview were in the heat of the moment, and may have been taken out of context as a result.

“It’s a matter of being frustrated with the loss,” Owens said according to the Star-Telegram in Fort Worth. “It had nothing to do with the offense.”

T.O. went on to explain why he some of his comments and why he believes that he should still be a bigger part of the Cowboys offense, despite the fact that he was thrown to 18 times on Sunday and caught 7 passes.

“All I have said is I need more opportunities to help this team win,” he said. “It’s me being confident in who I am. It’s not going to be the last time you hear me say I need the ball.”

Finally T.O. wrapped up with some comments about former Dallas Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson who was especially harsh towards T.O. during the pregame and during his post game  on ESPN.

“He is the ultimate underachiever on that panel,” Owens said of Johnson. “I am the reason he is in the booth. Everybody is aware when I was brought to Dallas he was the one they let go to get me here.”

The one thing that is for sure is this war between T.O. and the media is only getting started.  The best thing to do is get your popcorn ready and hope that it will not tear apart what could be a special season for the Dallas Cowboys.