Adam Pacman Jones Finds Himself in Trouble Again.


According to reports comming from Dallas Texas, Dallas Cowboys starting cornerback Adam Jones was involved in an altercation early Wednesday morning in a Dallas hotel. The reports claim that Jones was involved in an altercation with a body at the hotel and may have damaged a bathroom.


Apparently Adam Jones was scheduled to have a meeting with NFL officials just a few hours later. The bottom line is, this cannot be good for Adam Jones, and it is definitely not good for the Dallas Cowboys.  Dallas has done a good job of keeping Jones out of the spotlight and out of public events in an effort to help him avoid altercations like this.  Nonetheless, Jones is an adult, and Dallas cannot be expected to monitor him 24 hours a day in hopes that he will do the right thing.

This could be a costly blow to a Dallas Cowboys secondary that may have already lost Terrence Newman with a sports hernia. Adam Jones missed all of last season while serving a suspension that was placed against him due to his off the field altercations. The Dallas Cowboys have not made any comments in regards to this issue.

It will be interesting to see how the league reacts to this issue as well. No charges were filed against Jones in this incident.