A Trade For the Ages


Okay, so I know this one is a bit far fetched, but I saw a blip about it a couple weeks ago and now I cannot get it out of my head.  Mid-season trades in the NFL are incredibly rare, and typically they are only used for salary cap clearing measures.  Nonetheless some owners are willing to pull the trigger on a deal if they think it may be just enough to put their team over the edge.  Lucky for Dallas Cowboy fans, Jerry Jones is that type of an owner.

So, this the trade I was thinking about.  The Dallas Cowboys should make a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals and pick up T. J. Houshmandzadeh.  That’s right not Ocho Cinco, but his running buddy, T.J.  Everyone knows that Chad Johnson is the play-maker on the Bengals, but if you break down the stats, it’s really T.J. who is the glue that keeps that receiving core together.  Frankly his stats are flat out amazing.  He has caught over 90 passes in the last two seasons and is on pace to do the same again this year.

The trade works on the books because T.J. is nearing the end of his contract and you can bet that the tight fisted Bengals will not open their wallets to pay him what he deserves. Yet he can come to Dallas, be the number 2 guy and still make number 1 receiver money.

The other great part about T.J. is his work ethic and the attitude he brings to the field.  Housh has played in the shadow of Chad Johnson for five years now and he never once complained about it.  He just made his moves, got open and made sure he made his plays. The perfect compliment to another diva receiver known as Terrell Owens.  T.J. would also bring a sure set of hands to the Cowboys receiving staff, with his ability to catch the third-down pass when T.O. is double teamed.  Adding him to the staff would also allow Patrick Creighton to return to the third receiver position in the slot where he is more comfortable.

See? The more you think about it, the better it sounds.  So as you’re watching football on Sunday, just imagine T.J. wearing the Silver and White and think about how could the Cowboys would be then.