More Bad News, Romo Breaks His Finger

As if Sunday’s disappointing lost to the Arizona Cardinals was not bad enough (more on that to come later today).  The news just gets worst for the Dallas Cowboys.  Starting quarterback Tony Romo broke his pinkie finger on this throwing hand.  This is according to reports coming from ESPN’s Michael Smith.

Romo has had problems with the fingers over the past few weeks, but it was thought to only be a sprain.  However, after the abuse that he took on Sunday it does not come as much of a surprise that he actually broke the finger.

While the finger will not require surgery, Tony Romo will need to sit out 4 weeks while it heals.  Coming off a lost and sitting with a 4-2 record this is not the time for the Dallas Cowboys to lose their starting quarterback.

Next week Dallas will face the St. Louis Rams who are coming off a big upset victory over the Washington Redskins.