The Cowboys Trade For Roy Williams


The Dallas Cowboys have been in the headlines even more than normal in the past week and the last headline coming out of Dallas yesterday could be the one to save their season. The Dallas Cowboys  made a trade with the Detroit Lions to aquire the services of wide out Roy Williams.

The deal will cost the Cowboys first, third and sixth round picks in 2009. In return Dallas gets Williams and a seventh round pick in on the upcoming season.

Perhaps Williams can finally mature into the player he was supposed to be when he came out of college.  There is no doubt that Roy has talent, but playing in Detroit will hide any mans talent.  Especially when you are a receiver and the best quarterback you’ve ever played with is Jon Kitna. 

However, the downside to this deal is the Cowboys gave up an awful lot to get the services of Roy Williams.  Three draft picks, and Williams is guranteed $20 million.  That seems like a hefty price for a man who will be the number two maybe even the third receiver on the depth chart.  Jerry Jones is known for making wild deals, and he better hope this deal does no come back to bit him in the ass like the Adam Jones deal did.