The Dallas Cowboys went on the road today to take on the St. Louis Rams. What resulted was complete embarrassment.  Dallas came out with a solid opening drive, but did nothing after that.  Now, I am not about to break down the game because honestly there is nothing to talk about.  The Cowboys were not together at all in any way on either side of the ball.  There was no communication and at last look it was 31-7 going into the fourth QT. 

Now the Rams are better team right now than they were a month ago, but by no means are they a solid team yet.  The Dallas Cowboys laid down on the pitch and let the Rams smack them in the mouth.  It was horrible.  Wade Phillips needs to get a hold of his team now because their play in the last two weeks was horrible and this team will miss the Super Bowl and the post season if they don’t change their ways.