Searching for an Answer

Everyone in Cowboy nation is still hurting as a result of Sunday’s train wreck and the list of possible solutions to the Dallas Cowboys problems appears to be as long as my arm.  However, what fans need to remember is a knee jerk reactions will not fix the flaws on this team.  The Cowboys need to choose their next move very wisely.  Here are a couple solutions that have been presented to me in the last 24 hours, and here is my response to those solutions.

Bring in help on defense.  The two names I have heard are Ty Law, and John Lynch:  My answer to both of those names is no.  John Lynch is obviously past his prime, why else would the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots pass on him during the summer.  Even in his later days in Denver, Lynch the actual impact Lynch had  on a game was limited.  It is a lot easier to play strong saftey when you have Delta O’Neal and Champ Baily playing corner in front of you.  

The same goes for Ty Law.  Law played his best days with the Jets, so he is well past his prime. 

The poor performance in the Dallas secondary is not due to a lack of talent.  It is due to a lack of experience.  Mike Jenkins was a first round draft pick and as he learns he will adjust and improve.  The same can be said for Orlando Scandrick.  The Cowboys secondary is by no means deep at this point, but its not horrible time will heal those wounds.  

Also remember Newman will play football again this year. So if this team can hold on, he will be available to help make the playoff push.

 Fire Wade Phillips: Now this is an idea that I can get behind, but you have to pull the trigger on it for the right reasons, and at the right time.  It’s pretty obvious that no one saw Wade Phillips as a legitimate head coach.  He is merely a place holder till Jason Garrett is ready to become a head coach.  The problem with firing Phillips right now or during the bye week is Garrett is not ready to step in as the head man in Dallas.  Truth be told Garrett has not been a great signal caller through this point of the season.  Putting him in as head coach of this train wreck would be season and career suicide.  Firing Philips would show the world that the Dallas Cowboys have pushed the panic button and there is no return.  Do not force Jason Garrett to be the man responsible for pulling that ship back on course.  Wait till the end of the season and give him a chance to ease into the position and assemble the guys he wants.

The team needs a leader: Now this is an idea that I cannot agree more with.  The 2008 Dallas Cowboys are one of the most talented teams I have ever seen assembled. However, they have no direction and no leadership.  This team reminds me of the 99 and 2000 Washington Redskins when Dan Snyder first bought the team.  He assembled one of the greatest collections of talent ever, but they never had any “True Redskins” as Joe Gibbs called them.  As a result those teams stunk for years till Joe Gibbs put them on the right path.

The Dallas Cowboys are having the same problems.  Tony Romo is not ready to lead, T.O. is not a leader neither is Marion Barber.  Roy Williams was a leader on the team for a while but his erroding pass coverage skills have caused others around him to lose respect in his abilities.

The man I would like to see step up into that roll is DeMarcus Ware.  He has been on this team for several years now, and has emerged as the most talented player on either side of the ball.  He plays his heart out on the field, and leads by example but he needs to step up and begin to lead with his voice.  Help organize a defensive unit that is splinter.  If the defense gels together and begins to play well, there is no doubt that the offense will soon follow.