Tony Romo Out On Sunday


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo hinted to news outlets on Tuesday that he would not be able to play in Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bucs.  Now on Wednesday morning he Romo has confirmed he will sit out on Sunday and there is a chance he will sit out next Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.

According to Romo he can throw a ball just fine, and he has accuracy.  However, catching a ball and then being able to quickly grip it and rip it so to speak is very painful.  As it currently stands Tony Romo cannot take snaps under center because the ball comes back too quickly and it is like getting punched in his broken finger each time.  This limited him taking snaps out of the shotgun.  That is bad because it virtually cuts out the short game, and a large ammount of the playaction sets. Both spell out trouble for a struggling squad. This means he is making the right choice sitting out next week.