Quarterback Contraversy Again

Even when the Dallas Cowboys manage to get their act together and come away with a win on Sunday they still have contraversy surrounding them.  In a conference on Monday head coach Wade Phillips left the door open to the idea of benching current starting quarterback Brad Johnson.  This would force the Dallas Cowboys to turn to their third string quarterback Brooks Bollinger.  

The Cowboys got a win on Sunday  but their offense was horrible.  Brad Johnson went the ultra safe route choosing to throw short passes and not risk tossing any interceptions.  He went 19-33 on Sunday which was an improvement over his game last week but still nothing to throw a party over. His overall performance led the Cowboys to accumulate only 172 yards total offense which simply wont get the job done in the average game.    

The Dallas are taking on the NY Giants next weekend, and they will need to bring their “A game” if they want to beat the Giants and remain a contender in their division.  I’m not sure that Brooks Bollinger is the Dallas Cowboys “A game”but if he can get the Cowboys to 2-2 over this current stretch then that will be enough.