Keys To Victory Against the New York Giants

The Dallas Cowboys have a huge game coming their way on Sunday evening. When they travel East to New Jersey there will be plenty to worry about when they take on arguably the best team in the league.  However, bellow I have outlined a couple simple keys the Dallas Cowboys need to follow if they want to emerge victorious.  

1) The Oline must play better:  The Giants have one of the best the D-Lines in the league.  They will bring pressure on the Cowboys all day long.  Pittsburgh could not stand up to the pressure (but their O-Line is not that good).  The Dallas Cowboys O-Line has had trouble protecting the quarterback all season (there’s a reason why Romo got hurt).  Brad Johnson cannot run to save his life, the Cowboys will need to protect him all game long.

2)Pressure Eli: The Cowboys need to rattle Eli Manning.  Everyone in the league knows he can be rattled, don’t let his recent outtings fool you.    He does not like to run and he does not want to take a hit.  Hit him early and you can disrupt the New York Giants game.

3)Establish the Run: Marion Barber III needs to step up and have a big game.  Brad Johnson cannot throw the ball down the field so the box will be packed with Giants.  Marion Barber will need to run to hard and be strong to break open a couple holes. It is a shame Jones won’t be available.  

4) Let the Secondary Show Up: It’s no secret that the Dallas Cowboys secondary has been a joke all season.  They will have to stay strong and play hard on Sunday to keep the Giants in check.  The Cowboys secondary needs to keep up with a pretty talented Giants receiving core.  The secondary will also need to keep their heads on a swivel and be ready to help against the run.

5)Show the Vertical Game:  Yes the Cowboys need to run the ball well, but Brad Johnson has to be able to stretch the field.  It is the only way to keep the Giants honest.  In addition throwing the ball down the field will give the Cowboys use of their entire playbook.  Right now the Dallas Cowboys are playing with one hand behind their back with Brad Johnson running the show, but he must show up and play to his potential.