Somethings Got To Change

The Dallas Cowboys were blown out this past Sunday when they traveled to take on the New York Giants.  The lost dropped the Cowboys to last in their division, and they are now facing an uphill crawl just to make the post season. To say the least, the current situation in Dallas does not look good.

Granted the Dallas Cowboys went into Sunday’s game without their star quarterback, Tony Romo, but the problems the Cowboys experienced on Sunday go farther than a missing quarterback.  The Cowboys lost Sunday’s game 34-14 and the play at the QB position was poor, both Bolinger and Johnson were unable to generate any offense on Sunday.  It is difficult to watch a team play so poorly with two backups and then turn around and watch the Pittsburgh Steelers thrive when they turned to their back up QB.  

Granted the quarterback play was not great on Sunday but is more disappointing is the lack of pride this team has shown.  An Oline that seemingly has Pro-Bowlers across the board has allowed their starting QB to go down with injury and have all but shut down in the last two weeks.  A defense that is stretched has simply stopped playing to any level of potinetial.  Wade Phillips has become a lame duck coach and has no control over his players.

I could ramble on for pages about how this Dallas team has been  a complete failure and an absolute disaster, but that would mean I am just rehashing everything that every sports show in the nation has gone over since late September.  The bottom line is this team has disappointed everyone to date, and nothing short of a miracle  will save them.  This is a sad sad day.