Jerry Jones is Positive About the Season


Never at a lost for words, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to hold a mini press conference during Thursday’s practice and the star of the media gathering was none other than Jerry Jones.  The Cowboys owner took the opportunity to address the media, and give his opinions on what his team will accomplish throughout the rest of the season.

When asked, Jones said his team “absolutely” would make the post season.  That comes across as a strong word, considering the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are sitting at five and four going into this Sunday’s showdown against the Washington Redskins.  A lost in Sunday’s game would almost definitely knock the Cowboys out of the extremely tight NFC playoff race.

Jerry Jones went on to say the team would welcome Adam Jones back on the field if and when he is reinstated by the league.  That does not come as too much of a shock as the Cowboys could use every bit of help they can get in the secondary right now, and while Adam Jones is not the best defender in the league, he could provide relief to a secondary that is run by rookies at the moment.

Finally Jerry Jones addressed the current coaching situation in Dallas, stating that current head coach Wade Philips was not in danger of losing his job.   Now this announcement does come as a surprise.  Pretty much anyone who follows the Dallas Cowboys figured that Wade Philips was only a holding place coach while Jason Garrett got his feet under him.  Jones most recent announcement can be take two ways.  First, he is full of it, and he decided to just give the typical rah rah speech and chose not to throw his coach under the bus.

The second way to take Jerry Jones’ comments could prove to be more interesting, especially when considering the future of the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys offense has not been the juggernaut that it was a year ago.  Even with a healthy lineup the Boys have had their games when they just seemed out of sync.  It could be that Jerry Jones is realizing this and he is having some hesitation turning over the keys to his car to Jason Garrett and his system.  This could be an interesting story that would be worth following as we wrap up the season and head into the off-season.