Adam Jones On Thin Ice

We reported last week that defensive back Adam Pacman Jones was reinstated into the NFL by Commissioner Goodell, and as Jones returns to the practice field this week, we are finding out the stipulations behind his return.

In many ways it was impressive that Goodell allowed Jones to return to the Dallas Cowboys, after his latest altercation earlier this fall.  It is no secret that Goodell is out to clean up the NFL and it’s image that has been tarnished so badly over the past few season, due to a multitude of off the field altercations.  While some are saying Goodell has been too soft on Adam Jones, he appears to be ready to lay the hammer down on the young man if he has another run in with the law.

Reports indicate there are some strict stipulations on Adam Jones for his recent return to football.  He has no more exceptions no more exemptions.  If Adam Jones finds himself in trouble again he will face a lifetime ban from the NFL. This means Jones must abstain from all illegal activity, it also means he must make all of his alcohol rehab meetings.  One missed meeting will result in a suspension. You can bet that Roger Goodell would be more than happy to enforce that threat too, if it the times comes.  To be perfectly honest, I cannot imagine anyone would be upset with Goodell if he chose to enforce that ruling either.  Many fans were calling for a life long ban after the most recent altercation.

It also appears that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is fed up with Adam Jones’ actions.  When Adam Jones first came to the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones was ready to bend over backwards to help the trouble DB adjust to life in Dallas.  Jones hired bodyguards who were to travel with Adam Jones at all times. The Dallas Cowboys restricted the number of public appearances Adam Jones could make in hopes of helping him keep a low profile.  In the end, it was one of the bodyguards hired to protect him that Adam Jones got into a fight with at a Dallas hotel.  That was too much for owner Jerry Jones to handle.  He has cut the safety net from under Adam Jones, and if he falls, he just fails.