Dallas Rolls to Their Second Victory

Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys put on one of their best offensive showings in this season to date.  The Cowboys destroyed the San Francisco 49’ers in Irving Texas, and took got one step closer to making the NFL Postseason.

The Cowboys victory on Sunday was spurned by the efforts of one T.O. Owens was absolutely unstoppable Sunday afternoon.  He racked up 213 yards receiving and one touchdown.  For some reason the 49’ers chose to go single coverage on Owens all day, and Tony Romo was more than happy to look his way and capitalize on the poor choice of coverage.

Normally I have criticized the Dallas Cowboys for going to Owens too often during the flow of a game.  Too often I believe that the Cowboys force the ball to Owens, and as a result it stifles the offense.  This can be seen during the first Washington Redskins game.  However, the play calling choices on Sunday were perfect.  The Cowboys struggled to get their rushing game going with Marion Barber on the ground, and they needed a separate outlet to jump-start their offense.  In moments like that is is acceptable and the right choice to look to your other great play-maker.  Owens did a great job of stepping in and filling the void of offense left by Marion Barber.