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Tony Romo Channels His Inner Brett Favre


\According to reports coming out of Dallas late Wednesday afternoon, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, has told coaches he feels he can play this weekend against the St. Louis Rams.  This comes just two days after doctors diagnosed him with a broken pinkie and stated he would be out four weeks with the injury.

Tony Romo who did not participate in practice on Wednesday did go through throwing drills on the sidelines.  According to sources he did not seem to lose much velocity or accuracy on his throws.  Also Romo said he felt good and the pain was minimal.

While it would be great to see Romo suit up on Sunday and get to work building a relationship with his new weapon Roy Williams, one has to think this is just too soon.  Especially considering the opponent.  The St. Louis Rams are coming off an upset victory against the Washington Redskins last week, but they cannot be expected to maintain their current winning ways.  This is the perfect game to let Romo rest and heal that finger a little bit longer.  Let him sit and bring him back the next week.

Tony Romo Shown The Money


Tony Romo was shown the money to a tune of 67 million dollars of six years with 30 million in guaranteed money. Romo has earned this with his stellar play and this should making playing a lot easier for him down the stretch. This way he can worry about football and nothing else.

Romo has burst on the seen and has been a star ever since Bill Parcells handed the reigns over to him. For a guy who never was drafted he sure has come a long way from Eastern Illinois. I guess we will see how far Romo can take us as he is locked up for at least six more years.

How Did Tony Romo Slip Past Everyone On Draft Day?


Tony Romo is a success story that has taken some time, but still a success story. How did a guy who was undrafted and no one really thought much of make it to where he is now? It’s simple a belief in yourself and wanting it very badly. Romo played his college football at eastern Illinois where he rolled up some very impressive stats. His sophomore year he ranked second in passing efficiency completing 164 of 278 passes. He also tossed 27 touchdowns and threw for over 2,500 yards. He was honored that year with the All-American Honorable mention.

In 2002 at Eastern Illinois he won the Water Payton award for the Nation’s Top Player in I-AA football. An honor he is very proud of. Many scouts liked Romo including Shaun Payton and Mike Shanahan of the Broncos. Neither though drafted him when they had the chance. Romo would sign with the Cowboys and had to wait his turn. Once he got it though he has showed everyone why they should have drafted him when they had the chance. I guess that’s just the way it works sometimes.

It’s Time To Pay Tony Romo


Tony Romo continues to show why the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones need to start paying him like a top notch NFL quarterback. He has proven from last year and the two games this year that he has what it takes to win in the NFL. If you don’t pay him at the end of the season I’m sure he could look at other offers down the road. He’s a perfect fit for the system and works well with T.O. especially.

It’s getting harder to find good quarterbacks in the NFL and once you get one you need to lock them up long term so they can’t go anywhere. I expect Jerry Jones to pay Romo, but in my opinion the sooner the better as he can put it behind him and just play football.