Tank Johnson A Cowboy?


It looks like that very well could be the case. The suspended ex-Chicago Bear has been talking to Cowboys officials and all signs point to Tank Johnson being a Cowboy and filling in at nose tackle. Now Tank hasn’t played nose tackle much, but he would be a plus if they did sign him.

Jerry Jones has the knack for giving guys like Tank a chance and they seem to always work out for him. Tank Johnson is a very good football player, but his off field antics is what worries me. I guess we will just have to wait and see if he has changed or will we see the old Tank Johnson. I hope we see a new improved Tank Johnson who is ready to play football and his off field antics are in his past.

Dallas 2-0 After Rout Of Miami 37-20


The Dallas Cowboys got some gifts on route to there 37-20 rout in Miami. Tony Romo threw two touchdown passes and Terrell Owens caught one as the Dallas Cowboys moved to 2-0 this season. Owens also had a neat celebration where he used the football as a camera to mock spygate. I’m sure he probably will get a nice little fine for that.

Offensively the Cowboys were pretty balanced throwing for 186 yards and rushing for 166 yards. Marion Barber had a good day rushing for two touchdowns himself. The defense played better this week, but the really story was the turnovers by Trent Green. Green had four interceptions which didn’t help Miami. In fact Miami was only down 10-6 at halftime. The bottom line though if you turn the ball over in the NFL you are going to lose. In all Miami had five turnovers that killed them.

Overall the Cowboys played well the only thing that I didn’t like was over 100 yards in penalties. This coming week is a Sunday Night Game and against the Chicago Bears we can’t do that especially against there defense.

Dallas VS Miami


Well the Dallas Cowboys travel to Miami this week to take on the Miami Dolphins. On paper this should be an easy game, but it’s never played on paper so we know it won’t be an easy game. When is there an easy game in the NFL. Miami has a very good defense and the Cowboys will need to make sure Miami Defensive end Jason Taylor doesn’t get a quick start. if he does the Dolphins defense seems to play well. Protecting Tony Romo is crucial if the Cowboys want to come home with a victory.

Giving a quarterback time is what Romo will need and than he should have no problem picking apart the Miami defense. One of the things you must do on the road and that is to get first downs running the football. This will be the first big test for Marion Barber and Julius Jones. Running the ball will keep some of the pressure off Tony Romo to make perfect throws all the time.

Defensively the Cowboys need to put pressure on Trent Green. We can’t let Trent Green stand in the pocket or he will pick you apart. Terence Newman is a gametime decision and we could use him against the Dolphins. It should be a good game. I see a Cowboys win 24-17.

Cowboys News And Notes


It looks like Terence Newman will be a game time decision, but Greg Ellis is out against the Miami Dolphins. Losing Ellis is big as the Cowboys need to get pressure on the Dolphins quarterback and make him make mistakes. Hopefully Newman will get to play. I guess we will see.

Terry Glenn had surgery on his knee and should be out at least four weeks. Of course when you have knee surgery you really have no timetable for return. Hopefully this surgery will get him back quickly and Glenn can help the Cowboys sometime this season.

The last note right now is the Dallas Cowboys are now the most valuable franchise as they are worth an over 1.5 billion dollars. The Cowboys use to be in second place, but was able to take over as they kicked those hated Washington Redskins to second place. Just where those Redskins should be looking up at the Cowboys.

All-Time Running Backs Team


Okay, it’s time to pick our all-time running backs team. This was a really hard set to pick from as each had there merits on why they should be chosen. Let’s start with full back. I narrowed it down to Robert Newhouse and Darryl Johnston. Both are great players and could do many things that’s for sure. I took Johnston for really only one reason he was a better pass catcher out of the backfield than Newhouse.

Now when we get to the tailback as I like to call it many people here stood out. Don Perkins was an outstanding back who many may not have seen played, but his stats speak for themselves.  Tony Dorsett was a back who had lighting quick speed and could take it to the house on any given play. The thing about Dorsett is he never gave up. Walt Garrison was a throwback kind of player that was a tough guy to bring down who ran north and south and would punish you if you tried to tackle him.

Ron Springs was a guy who could do it all. He could run the ball, block and out of all these running backs had the best set of hands out of the back field. Herschel Walker was the strongest out of all the running backs and would just flat run you over. He had sprinter speed and would use it when need.

By choice though has to be Emmitt Smith for a couple of reasons. The all-time leader in yardage Emmitt Smith set the standard by the way he played through injuries and his will to never give up. Emmitt Smith was one of a kind. So our all-time team at fullback and running back is:

Darryl Johnston

Emmitt Smith

Thursday’s News And Notes


The Dallas Cowboys got some good news yeaterday as Terence Newman and Greg Ellis was again on the practice field. Both of these guys are needed back on defense as the Cowboys didn’t look very good on defense Sunday Night against the Giants. Getting both of them back as soon as possible will be a big lift for the Cowboys.

More good news for Tony Romo as he was name the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. This doesn’t surprise me as he had a huge game in which he through 4 touchdown passes and had 345 yards passing a career record and a quarterback rating of 128.5 Congratulations Tony!

All-Time Team Running Back


Well it’s time for our second installment of our all-time team. This time we are going to go with the running back. I’ve decided to combine the full back and running back together. We are still going to choose two for that position though it’s just were going to keep it for one post.

Full Back Options

Robert Newhouse

Darryl Johnston

Running Back Options

Ron Springs

Don Perkins

Herschel Walker

Tony Dorsett

Emmitt Smith

Walt Garrison

Give me your picks. Will release the winners tomorrow!

Tuesday Cowboys News And Notes


The only real loss for the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants was nose tackle Jason Ferguson who will be lost for the year. The Cowboys are thin at that spot and I look for them to sign someone in a few weeks.  Jay Ratliff will move from defensive end to nose tackle until the Cowboys decide what to do.

Tery Glenn is still trying to decide what to do as both options aren’t to his liking. It’s either lose a whole season or take a chance and lose everything. I think he will have season ending surgery and play next year. The one thing all this week I’m sure the Cowboys will address is their defense that was horrible against the Giants. Greg Ellis and Terence Newman who didn’t play in the game maybe ready for Miami. It’s to early to tell just yet.

All-Time Team Quarterback


The Dallas Cowboys have had some great quarterbacks so choosing the one to represent our team was a tough one. Danny White in my opinion is one of the most underrated Dallas Cowboy quarterbacks and have really never got the respect he deserved. Craig Morton was another very good quarterback who did good things, but left and did well in Denver.

This leaves it down to Troy Aikman who led the Cowboys to Super Bowl championships and was one of the more accurate quarterbacks in Dallas history. The remaining one was Mr. Cowboy Roger Staubach who also led the Cowboys to  Super bowl championships. Now the hard part who do I like the best.

I have to give the nod to Roger Staubach as he played longer and in my opinion could do a little more than Aikman. Roger was more of a running quarterback, but could throw from the pocket if needed. The all-time quarterback spot goes to Roger Staubach in a very close match.

Dallas Outlasts Giants 45-35

231.jpgThe Dallas Cowboys nursed a one point halftime lead and needed 28 second half points to beat the New York Giants 45-35 in Irving Texas. Tony Romo scored his first career touchdown and threw for 345 yards and four touchdowns in the win. Terrell Owens was held scoreless and catchless in the first half. The second half was a different story for Terrell Owens. Owens caught 3 passes for 87 yars and 2 touchdowns. Romo’s favorite target though was Jason Witten who caught 6 passes for 116 yards and one touchdown.

The offense was the part most Dallas Cowboys fans were worried about going into the game, now they don’t have to they can shift the worry to a defense who gave up over 400 yards on defense and if the Giants had better play calling and a smarter quarterback it could have been a lot more.  Playing without Terence Newman there best cover man Plaxico Burress had 3 touchdowns and 144 yards and believe me it could have been a lot worse. Burress had the height advantage on the man that was covering him all night. He could of had 5 touchdowns at least, but Manning missed him once when he got behind the defense and on the goal line choose not to throw to him. Luckily for the Cowboys they didn’t go to him as much as they should of.

Overall the offense played well and the defense got shredded by Eli Manning. Brandon Jacobs got hurt early, but it didn’t matter the Cowboys couldn’t stop any running back they brought in. Unless the Cowboys shore up there defense high scores just might be what it will take to win ball games this year.