Dallas-New York Giants Preview


Tonight the Dallas Cowboys will open the season against divisional rival the New York Giants. In reality this is probably the best way to start the season.  Dallas will go into the match-up without Terry Glenn, Greg Ellis and Terence newman cornerback will be a game time decision.  The Cowboys are going to need to get out to a quick start in this home opener.

Look for the Giants to try and get Brandon Jacobs off early in the running game to take some of the pressure off of Eli Manning. The Dallas defense needs to pressure Manning as much as possible. If they can force Manning to beat them they have a better chance which means shutting down Jacobs is a must.

On the offensively side of the ball the Cowboys need to do two things. First a big game out of Juliusw Jones is needed. The running game is very important as this takes pressure of Tony Romo. The second the Cowbys need to do is protect Tony Romo and give him time to throw the ball. If Romo has time he is a very good quarterback. Getting Terrell owens involved early is also a must as he loses interest when he doesn’t get his touches.

The Cowboys should play well and win around 27-10. the one thing though they have to be wary of is turnovers. They must protect the ball all season long if they hope to win consistently this year.

Terry Glenn’s Hard Choice


According to many sources Terry Glenn is going to have to make a choice and it’s a tough one.  Glenn has to either shut it down and have season ending knee surgery or have the damaged taken out and try to play in four or five weeks. Both options have it’s drawbacks in Glenn’s eyes.  The season ending surgery means he’s gone for the year and he knows his window of opportunity is closing fast to win a Super Bowl.

The other option really isn’t much better either. If Glenn has surgery now to repair the damage he could come back in four to five weeks but there is a chance he could get injured again and it cost him his career. It’s a chance you take if he uses that option. From what I hear that’s the option he may go with. He thinks the Cowboys have a good shot of making it this year and he wants to be a part of it. I will keep you posted on what he decides to do.

Terry Glenn Won’t Play Against Giants


Because of an unrelated injury Terry Glenn will be out for the new York Giants game and possibly could be out also next week. Patrick Crayton will take his place and will do a very good job, but with losing Glenn you lose experience and a guy who knows exactly what to do. Glenn is a gamer and hopefully he will be back soon.

The bad part about this is Terrell Owens will probably be double teamed and it’s going to be up to Patrick Crayton to make a lot of catches Sunday. Hopefully Glenn will be abck soon, but in the meanwhile Crayton and San Hurd willhave to do the job.

All-Time Dallas Cowboys Team


Before I start with the all-time football team I wanted to say yes, the Saints loss. Now I don’t hate the Saints but anytime one of the Cowboys rivals lose you have to be happy. On to this post now. We are going to have a preview of the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game tomorrow, but today we are starting our all-time Dallas Cowboys team. This team will let you the fans have your input into it also.

Today we are going to start with quarterback. Here out the choices for the All-Time greatest Dallas Cowboys quarterback:

Roger Staubach

Danny White

Craig Morton

Troy Aikman

All these quarterbacks had very good careers with the Dallas Cowboys and tomorrow I will list who the winner was and who I like. Let’s hear from Cowboy fans which one is your favorite.

Cowboys News And Notes

It looks like Terence Newman could be a go in Sunday’s game against the New York Giants. he is getting better even though very slowly. Greg Ellis looks like he may not make it though. Both players are needed as both bring a lot to the table for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are going to need big things out of their defense this year as the offense can’t carry the team every week.

Julius Jones has to really step up this year. We need to see him be a every down back and I’m afraid from what I’ve seen so far it doesn’t look like he will be that. Maybe giving Marion Barber more of the workload will snap Jones into playing better. Jones has good speed and we need him to help move the chains which will make it a lot easier for Tony Romo this year. People are putting a lot on Tony Romo’s shoulders and I really don’t know how he will respond this year.

Could It Be A Cowboys Super Bowl

Okay, that could be a little premature on my part, but I did a little research and the odds for the Dallas Cowboys getting to the Super Bowl range from 10-1 to 20-1. These odds aren’t really to bad and considering a new coach and not really knowing how well Tony Romo will play this year I guess Cowboys fans should be happy with that number. Of course these are the same people who have the Detroit Lions 1 billion to one odds. Now I know the Detroit Lions aren’t great, but they aren’t the worse team in football anymore.

I just take what oddsmakers say with a grain of salt as you must play the games on the field and never know what could happen. So odds are just someone’s guess anyways. I like the Cowboys this year and we will see as the season progresses how well the oddsmaker did or didn’t do.

Can You Feel The Excitement?

Well it won’t be much longer until America’s Team get’s to take the field and usher in another exciting football season. This off-season brought many changes to the Dallas Cowboys including a change at coaching and some player changes. The last image we remember as Cowboys fans was a snap slipping out of the hands of Tony Romo and a loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Though with bad breaks do come good things and that’s what Cowboy fans should look towards.

Looking over the schedule for the Dallas Cowboys  I really like the way it play’s itself out. I can see the Cowboys win 10 or more games easily.  I think 11 0r 12 is possible. It will also be interesting to see how Tony Romo plays with a full season under his belt this year. Wade Phillips is an interesting coach and I guess we will see how well he does to. As always remember to stop back often to read the latest Cowboys news and opinions. Give me yours to. I love reading them.


First I want to welcome all the Dallas Cowboy fans throughout the Internet and we are glad that you have found us. I will be writing the Dallas Cowboys blog and I’ve been following the Dallas Cowboys since 1970.  Let’s look at some of the things we are going to get into this season :

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The bottom line is if you love the Dallas Cowboys than you have come to the right place. How bout them Cowboys!