The Cowboys Trade For Roy Williams


The Dallas Cowboys have been in the headlines even more than normal in the past week and the last headline coming out of Dallas yesterday could be the one to save their season. The Dallas Cowboys  made a trade with the Detroit Lions to aquire the services of wide out Roy Williams.

The deal will cost the Cowboys first, third and sixth round picks in 2009. In return Dallas gets Williams and a seventh round pick in on the upcoming season.

Perhaps Williams can finally mature into the player he was supposed to be when he came out of college.  There is no doubt that Roy has talent, but playing in Detroit will hide any mans talent.  Especially when you are a receiver and the best quarterback you’ve ever played with is Jon Kitna. 

However, the downside to this deal is the Cowboys gave up an awful lot to get the services of Roy Williams.  Three draft picks, and Williams is guranteed $20 million.  That seems like a hefty price for a man who will be the number two maybe even the third receiver on the depth chart.  Jerry Jones is known for making wild deals, and he better hope this deal does no come back to bit him in the ass like the Adam Jones deal did.

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Suspended


Last week Adam Jones got into a fight with his own personal bodyguards that were hired for him by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Today, Roger Goodell suspended Adam Jones indefinitly.

Jones was just reinstated into the league prior to the opening game of the 2008 season, after serving a one year suspension in 2007.  There is not doubt it will be difficult for Adam Jones to come back after this most recent suspension. Goodell has said he will consider reinstating Jones once he undergoes treatment for alcohol and receives progressive reports from doctors.  Jones must serve a four game suspension at minimum.

The 2008 season cannot get any worst for the Dallas Cowboys who are already missing two players in their secondary (Williams, and Newman) due to injury, now Jones will be gone at least four games.  This means the an already strained secondary will call upon several young players to take on large roles to keep the team afloat. Add into the mix Tony Romo’s broken pinkie and the Cowboys are looking at a long upward battle.

More Bad News, Romo Breaks His Finger

As if Sunday’s disappointing lost to the Arizona Cardinals was not bad enough (more on that to come later today).  The news just gets worst for the Dallas Cowboys.  Starting quarterback Tony Romo broke his pinkie finger on this throwing hand.  This is according to reports coming from ESPN’s Michael Smith.

Romo has had problems with the fingers over the past few weeks, but it was thought to only be a sprain.  However, after the abuse that he took on Sunday it does not come as much of a surprise that he actually broke the finger.

While the finger will not require surgery, Tony Romo will need to sit out 4 weeks while it heals.  Coming off a lost and sitting with a 4-2 record this is not the time for the Dallas Cowboys to lose their starting quarterback.

Next week Dallas will face the St. Louis Rams who are coming off a big upset victory over the Washington Redskins.

Terence Newman Undergoes Surgery


Cowboy’s defensive back Terence Newman traveled to North Carolina yesterday and under went surgery to repair an abdominal tear.  The injury will keep Newman out of action at least a month. 

Newman’s extended absence means Adam  Jones likely will continue starting at left corner, though the NFL has yet to announce whether Jones will be disciplined for Tuesday night’s incident at a Dallas hotel. A decision won’t be announced until next week, so Jones is expected to start Sunday against the Cardinals.

It does not take an expert to realize that the Cowboys already shaky secondary just became very thin.  Let’s hope that Terence Newman can make a speedy recovery. 

A Trade For the Ages


Okay, so I know this one is a bit far fetched, but I saw a blip about it a couple weeks ago and now I cannot get it out of my head.  Mid-season trades in the NFL are incredibly rare, and typically they are only used for salary cap clearing measures.  Nonetheless some owners are willing to pull the trigger on a deal if they think it may be just enough to put their team over the edge.  Lucky for Dallas Cowboy fans, Jerry Jones is that type of an owner.

So, this the trade I was thinking about.  The Dallas Cowboys should make a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals and pick up T. J. Houshmandzadeh.  That’s right not Ocho Cinco, but his running buddy, T.J.  Everyone knows that Chad Johnson is the play-maker on the Bengals, but if you break down the stats, it’s really T.J. who is the glue that keeps that receiving core together.  Frankly his stats are flat out amazing.  He has caught over 90 passes in the last two seasons and is on pace to do the same again this year.

The trade works on the books because T.J. is nearing the end of his contract and you can bet that the tight fisted Bengals will not open their wallets to pay him what he deserves. Yet he can come to Dallas, be the number 2 guy and still make number 1 receiver money.

The other great part about T.J. is his work ethic and the attitude he brings to the field.  Housh has played in the shadow of Chad Johnson for five years now and he never once complained about it.  He just made his moves, got open and made sure he made his plays. The perfect compliment to another diva receiver known as Terrell Owens.  T.J. would also bring a sure set of hands to the Cowboys receiving staff, with his ability to catch the third-down pass when T.O. is double teamed.  Adding him to the staff would also allow Patrick Creighton to return to the third receiver position in the slot where he is more comfortable.

See? The more you think about it, the better it sounds.  So as you’re watching football on Sunday, just imagine T.J. wearing the Silver and White and think about how could the Cowboys would be then.

Adam Pacman Jones Finds Himself in Trouble Again.


According to reports comming from Dallas Texas, Dallas Cowboys starting cornerback Adam Jones was involved in an altercation early Wednesday morning in a Dallas hotel. The reports claim that Jones was involved in an altercation with a body at the hotel and may have damaged a bathroom.


Apparently Adam Jones was scheduled to have a meeting with NFL officials just a few hours later. The bottom line is, this cannot be good for Adam Jones, and it is definitely not good for the Dallas Cowboys.  Dallas has done a good job of keeping Jones out of the spotlight and out of public events in an effort to help him avoid altercations like this.  Nonetheless, Jones is an adult, and Dallas cannot be expected to monitor him 24 hours a day in hopes that he will do the right thing.

This could be a costly blow to a Dallas Cowboys secondary that may have already lost Terrence Newman with a sports hernia. Adam Jones missed all of last season while serving a suspension that was placed against him due to his off the field altercations. The Dallas Cowboys have not made any comments in regards to this issue.

It will be interesting to see how the league reacts to this issue as well. No charges were filed against Jones in this incident.

Dallas Gets By Cincinnati


A week after suffering their first lost of the season, the Dallas Cowboys were back at work against the Cincinnati Bengals on national television.  This game proved to be way closer, and much more difficult than it should have been.

The Cincinnati Bengals are a winless team that took the New York Giants to overtime.  Their star quarterback Carson Palmer has a hurt elbow that caused him to sit out against Cleveland, and he missed all of last weeks practices.  Their superstar receiver Chad Johnson may as well be back at Oregon State because outside of a couple interviews this past week, he has done absolutely nothing on the field.  Nonetheless the Bengals are a team that has not given up on their coach Marvin Lewis, and they appear to be ready to fight to the bitter end of this season.

The Bengals let it be known early in the week, that they felt they could move the ball against the Dallas secondary and for three quarters they did exactly that.  The problems within the Dallas secondary seem to get worst every week.  Terrence Newman is not healthy, and it shows.  Adam Jones honestly is not a strong defensive back, and he is having trouble adjusting to the new schemes.  At Tennessee he was able to run  a lot of man coverage and just use his natural athletic ability to make plays, that does not fly in the Cowboys defense.

The Bengals moved the ball against Dallas with relative ease, T.J. racked up two TD’s including one that he walked in for in the late moments of the third quarter.

On the otherside of the ball, Dallas went back to basics and by God it worked.  The Cowboys ran the ball early and they ran it often.  Felix Jones had a monster day, finishing up just shy of his first 100 yard performance.  Why they do not feed that man the ball 15-20 times a game I will never know.  On a 4th and 3 he showed why he is so dangerous when he broke to the outside and scampered for a 33 yard touchdown.

Marion Barber came out and did exactly what he does best. He fought and he clawed and he bullied his way to another solid day.  Barber  is the type of back that has to get a lot of touches.  The more he gets his hands on the ball, the more he gets used to the contact.  Conversly, the more he touches the ball, the less the defense wants to confront him and come late in the game, guys are throwing arm tackles at him, and he can break those everytime.

Tony Romo had two turnovers on Sunday, an interception in the third on a horribly underthrown ball, and fumble in the second quarter when he was scrambling for a first town.  I’m at the point now when I just expect Romo to turn the ball over. And that may not be the best way to view a starting QB, but he seems to be unable to control himself, and he is going to put a ball on the turf or toss it to the other team.  Much like Brett Favre you just have to expect those things, and just hope and pray that it does not ruin your team.

The Cowboy’s escaped with a win on Sunday, and were able to keep pace with the NFC East.  The importance of that cannot be overstated.  The Washington Redskins are a legitimate threat and will be a NFC powerhouse.  The New York Giants already are a powerhouse and look like they can repeat as Super Bowl Champions.  The Eagles are banged up and they are down, but they always play hard, and you can bet the Eagles would love to play spoiler to a couple NFC East teams come late in the season.  The Cowboys have to continue to find ways to win games to keep pace in the most difficult conference in football.

T.O. Goes on the Attack


Sunday was not the best day for the Dallas Cowboys.  Their high powered offense was slowed to a crawl and more importantly they lost a division game to a rival.  However, all of that has been over shadowed by what wide receiver Terrell Owens may have said during his post game interviews and in private with QB Tony Romo.  It appears that once again T.O. has gotten himself into a pot of hot water, and this time he is not going to sit there and just take it.

T.O. went on the offensive to confront his critics and he used his radio as the platform to get his voice out to whoever would listen.  On his weekly show, Owens denied ever having words with his quarterback, stating that the conversation simply never took place.  Therefore he never could have expressed any frustration or anger even if he had them.

Owens went on to say that his comments during his post game interview were in the heat of the moment, and may have been taken out of context as a result.

“It’s a matter of being frustrated with the loss,” Owens said according to the Star-Telegram in Fort Worth. “It had nothing to do with the offense.”

T.O. went on to explain why he some of his comments and why he believes that he should still be a bigger part of the Cowboys offense, despite the fact that he was thrown to 18 times on Sunday and caught 7 passes.

“All I have said is I need more opportunities to help this team win,” he said. “It’s me being confident in who I am. It’s not going to be the last time you hear me say I need the ball.”

Finally T.O. wrapped up with some comments about former Dallas Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson who was especially harsh towards T.O. during the pregame and during his post game  on ESPN.

“He is the ultimate underachiever on that panel,” Owens said of Johnson. “I am the reason he is in the booth. Everybody is aware when I was brought to Dallas he was the one they let go to get me here.”

The one thing that is for sure is this war between T.O. and the media is only getting started.  The best thing to do is get your popcorn ready and hope that it will not tear apart what could be a special season for the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys Drop Big Game To Rival Redskins


Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys played their third game of the season on national television, and this time the boys from Big D. dropped the ball.  In a crucial NFC East match up, the Dallas Cowboys were unable to break through against the long time rival Washington Redskins.

The final score on the game read Washington 26 Dallas 24, but anyone who watched the game knew it was no where near that close in reality. It required a two minute drill led by Tony Romo put the Cowboys within two points and give them a chance to convert the onside kick.  Before that the Cowboys offense was flat out ineffective.  They had a scoring drive early in the game, and then a second one after the Skins botched the opening kickoff to the second half.

What did the Redskins do to slow down this juggernaut of an offense?  Nothing special really.  They shifted a safety over the top to shadow T.O. and the corners played him tight in man coverage.  However that did not stop T.O. from getting his touches.  Dallas did everything in their power to get Owens the ball.  That included feeding him on two run plays.

The problem with the Dallas offense on Sunday was the lack of varity.   The Cowboys only ran 11 running plays during the entire game.  Those 11 plays included the two runs that Owens had.  That means Felix Jones and Marion Barber only got 9 touches on the ground between them.  That is simply inexcusable.  The best running back duo in the league must get more than 9 touches combined.  Washington knew the Cowboys were dropping back to pass, so they never had to respect the running game.  It would have been a perfect opportunity to let Felix Jones pick up some yardage on delayed handoffs and some draw plays.

On the otherside of the ball, the Cowboys rush defense let them down.  Clinton Portis looked like a Pro Bowler once again on Sunday.  The Redskins offensive line was able to push the Cowboys defensive front around seemingly at will.  What made things worse, was when the Cowboys were able to get to the point of attack or put some pressure on Jason Campbell, they were unable to complete tackles.  Twice on third and long Cowboy DB’s were unable to bring down Campbell and he found the open receiver for the deep ball.

This was by far the worst game the Cowboys have played all season, and it had nothing to do with the fact that they lost the game.  The entire team seemed out of sync.  The offense was not gelling and it was obvious that they were forcing the ball to T.O.  On defense they were unable to make tackles or get the stop when they needed it.  It was also the first time all season that Dallas failed to make a big play on special teams with their return team.   Felix Jones was kept bottled up and was unable to give the offense that great field position he has in previous weeks.

What the Cowboys can look forward to is playing the Bengals this upcoming weekend.  Cincinnati is 0-4 and struggling to figure out what they are doing.  It should be a good chance to work out the kinks in the offense and the defense, and get this team back on track before the deviate too far.

Mid Week Injury Update

It’s Washington week.  That’s right the biggest rivalry in the NFL will once again but contested on Sunday in Dallas Texas.  The Cowboys and Redskins, and this year it will definitly mean something.  The Redskins are coming off back to back impressive victories, and Dallas is riding high at 3-0.  So as we begin to breakdown what will be another epic battle int his rivalry. Let’s take a look at the Cowboys injury report so we know who is available to take the field.

This is the injury report heading into practice on Wednesday:

LB Anthony Spencer (knee) – Coach Wade Phillips said Spencer was feeling better Monday and would run with the team. Whether he practices Wednesday is still up in the air. He has missed two of three games so far.

WR Sam Hurd (ankle) – Though Phillips seemed to waffle on Hurd’s availability against Washington, the third-year receiver said he was fully cleared by trainers and ready to go.

LG Kyle Kosier (foot) – Cory Procter will slide back into the starting lineup after Kosier re-injured his right foot near the end of Sunday’s game in Green Bay. He is expected to miss another 2-3 weeks and was seen in a walking boot Monday.

NT Tank Johnson (ankle) – Johnson sprained his ankle late in Sunday’s game, but there didn’t seem to be any issue by Monday afternoon. He is expected to practice Wednesday.

FB Deon Anderson (knee) – Though Anderson said Monday he hoped to play against the Redskins, Phillips ruled him out during his afternoon press conference. The Cowboys used extra tight end sets to work around his absence.

S Roy Williams (arm) – Williams fractured his right forearm during the Philadelphia game Sept. 15 and should miss another 2-3 weeks.