Is it Adam or is it Pacman?


I am all for guys getting a second or even a third chance in this young mans case.  However, earlier this summe Adam Jones made a big deal that he wanted to drop the ‘Pacman’ from his name.  He wanted to go by his birth name Adam.  nothing wrong with that.  Adam is his name, and obviously the whole Pacman thing has not worked for him.  So,  I have no issue with him wanting to change his name. 

The prolem is no one is calling him Adam.  Of course the haters won’t call him that, but his teammates are not calling him Adam.  The coaches don’t call him Adam.  In camp he is Pac.  So if  he is okay with that, then I am going to call him Pac.

The Cowboys are Moving!

The Dallas Cowboys are packing up and leaving town.  Well sort of the Boys have left Cali and are currently in Denver Co.  training with the Denver Broncos ahead of their big game this weekend.  This follows a trend these two teams began last season when Denver moved their camp to Dallas ahead of their pre-season game.  

The teams are currently holding dual practices today and again on Thursday.  These practices are closed to the public.  Last season during these workout some of the players found themselves getting a bit heated when they were being tested by someone from another team.  However, I like this idea.  Give the players a chance to go against someone who doesn’t wear the same jersey as them.  Let them get a little bit more real time experience.  This is especially good for the younger players who are struggling to make a roster.  

Just imagine right now out there in Denver there is a DB group with Dre Bly, Champ Bailey, Adam Jones and Terrence Newmen, now that is talent. 

Hopefully these teams won’t beat each other up too much going into the weekend.   

Broncos Practice

Dallas vs. San Diego The Recap

The Dallas Cowboys entered battle for the first time this season and the results were not what anyone was looking for. Lucky for the Boys it was a preseason game and the results in terms of the score don’t mean a thing. Sadly for the Cowboys, the game showed they have plenty of holes that need to be patched, some of which have been there since last season.

The most glaring result from Saturday’s game was the Cowboys inability to perform on special teams. Their coverage teams were horrible. The punt coverage team allowed the Charger return men to have a field day that would set up many of San Diego’s scoring opportunities. This is a bit disappointing considering that it was the punt team that gave up massive returns in playoff game against the Giants last season. There is no question that this is an issue that must be addressed ASAP. Special teams are so important to the overall success of a football team. The Dallas Cowboys should know that better than anyone after poor play on special teams have cost them two playoff games.

The high point of the game has to be the continuity of the first team offense. Romo to Whiten is something the league needs to get used to because those two just seem to click and click very well. The first team O was good, and the emergence of Mr. Jones will be something Cowboy fans will love.

Overall it’s hard to take a lot from this game. The bottom line is the special team must improve.

Top Passer: Brad Johnson 89 yards

Top Rusher: Jacob Hester 49 yards

Top Receiver: Mike Austin 64 yards

Can’t Get Enough of The Dallas Cowboys?

August 6th the first addition of the HBO’s series Hard Knock aired and will continue to air each Wednesday.  This year the series is centered around the Dallas Cowboys.  Be sure to tune in and get an inside look at how the Cowboys are doing as they ramp up for one of the biggest seasons in team history. 

We will bring you highlights and notes  from each weeks program.

2008 Training Camp Is Here

Alright Cowboy fans if you’re like me you have been chomping at the bit to catch a little bit of gridiron action. I’ll be honest these clips are only for the true fan. I’m talking about hitting the sled, one on one drills, technique the real nitty gritty that players have to go through if they want to play on Sunday.

Take a look at the Cowboys at their 2008 training camp. Get ready because the Boys are coming.

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Tussle In Philadelphia


No matter what the records say or what position in the division these two teams are Dallas and Philadelphia just plain don’t like each other. Toss in T.O. going back to Philly again this should be another war. Philadelphia swept the season series from the Cowboys last season and look to do it again. Their is a big difference this year though the Cowboys are on top instead of Philadelphia and that could make a big difference.

No matter what playing in Philadelphia is probably the toughest place to play where they even boo Santa Claus. Philadelphia fans love their teams when they win and hate them when they lose. The Cowboys have their work cut out for them. Look for my preview Sunday.

Tony Romo Shown The Money


Tony Romo was shown the money to a tune of 67 million dollars of six years with 30 million in guaranteed money. Romo has earned this with his stellar play and this should making playing a lot easier for him down the stretch. This way he can worry about football and nothing else.

Romo has burst on the seen and has been a star ever since Bill Parcells handed the reigns over to him. For a guy who never was drafted he sure has come a long way from Eastern Illinois. I guess we will see how far Romo can take us as he is locked up for at least six more years.

Wade Phillips Calming Effect?


Wade Phillips and Bill Parcells are probably on the opposite end of the spectrum’s and if you ask many Dallas Cowboy players they are glad of it. Gone are when you have to walk on eggshells and it’s been replaced with a loose locker room where winning football games are fun. Many players love playing for Phillips and hated playing for Parcells.

Now I’m glad that the players are happy with there new coach and playing well, but the bottom line is this. No matter who is your coach Parcells and Phillips you still have to go out and execute on the field. if you don’t do that it really doesn’t matter who is coaching you. That’s the bottom line wins and losses.

Ron Springs Needs Our Prayers


It’s time all Cowboy fans unite and start a pray chain for Ron Springs. Springs had to have a kidney transplant and a former Cowboy stepped up to give him his. That Cowboy was Everson Walls a former teammate of Springs. Springs had some surgery unrelated to the kidney transplant and slipped into a coma. Springs was a very special Cowboy who on the field did his job with class and dignity.

Springs would show the younger players how to act on and off the field. Now Springs needs our help. Let’s all start a Cowboy chain and see if we can lift him up and pray for him to get better.

Nick Folk Unsung Hero


Nick Folk is a guy you would never expect to be as good as he has shown so far. Folk was drafted in the sixth round at pick number 178. Not a real high draft pick and he has done an excellent job so far. He came out of the university of Arizona  and is only 22 years old and is handling kicking in the NFL with class and doesn’t seem to sweat the pressure kicks. In fact it seems he relishes in a chance to win a game.

So far this year he has made 13 out of 15 kicks for a 86.7 percentage rate of conversions. This is really a good number. His long is 53 yards so far this year. Having a good kicker is crucial if you hope to win the close games. In fact Folk has proven is worth already by kicking the game winner in Buffalo. This is one draft pick the Cowboys should be proud of.