Dallas On Bye: Still Means Work


The Dallas Cowboys are going into their bye week with a record of 6-1 and they still will be working hard. The second half of the schedule is very tough. With Washington twice, N.Y. Giants and Green Bay it’s not going to be easy. You can get beat any week and the next game against Philadelphia won’t be easy either.

The Eagles need a win so they can get back in the division race so look for them to be ready to play. It’s never easy to play on the road and Philadelphia is one of the toughest places to play that’s for sure. During the bye week you can be sure they will be working hard getting ready for the Eagles.

Dallas 24 Minnesota 14


The Dallas Cowboys got a blocked field goal and a Marion Barber touchdown to outlast the Minnesota Vikings 24-14. This wasn’t one of the prettiest games for the Dallas Cowboys, but a win is a win. Romo looked decent, but nothing outstanding. When you throw the ball thirty times by halftime you have problems.

Turnovers killed the Vikings and that’s the main reason they lost the game. Honestly it wasn’t anything the Cowboys did. A blocked field goalby Chris Canty in the third quarter is what turned the game around which Patrick Watkins returned for a touchdown. That was a big shift in the game and basically cost the Vikings the game.  Wasn’t pretty for the Cowboys, but like I said a win is a win and Cowboy fans will take it.

Dallas vs Minnesota Preview


After coming off the New England Patriots loss the Dallas Cowboys are looking forward to getting back on the field. Minnesota presents problems for the Cowboys and they should not be taken lightly. Minnesota has a very good running game and Adrian Peterson has been outstanding. The first thing the Cowboys need to do is stop the run. They are going to use the run a lot and we must put eight in the box to try and stop it. If we don’t stop the run it could be a long day for the Cowboys defense.

One way the Cowboys offense can help there defense is by having long drives. This will keep the Minnesota offense on the sidelines and give the Cowboys defense some rest. Long drives maybe the key to slowing down Adrian Peterson. The Cowboys also need to establish their running game to take some of the pressure off of Tony Romo.

I like the Cowboys to bounce back by a score of 34-14. Just to many weapons I think for Minnesota’s defense to worry about.

When Is A Loss Good?


The Dallas Cowboys and their fans were riding real high before the New England Patriots game and now there seems to be an air of are we good or was it a mirage. This is what a loss will do to a football team and their fans. Fans are fickle and they want their team to win every game. Sometimes though a loss is good for the team and even the fans. It let’s them sit back and take a look at where there at.

The Cowboys will be fine as this was just a bump in the road. Many people are worried about how they will rebound against Minnesota and if they will be the old Cowboys they are use to. The Cowboys will be fine, people have to remember that New England is a very good team and have won Super Bowls for a reason.

Patrick Crayton Not Happy With Patriots


Patrick Crayton who is usually very quiet decided to give his opinion of the New England Patriots defense and it wasn’t a glowing assessment. Crayton said they were okay not great like the offense. Crayton wasn’t happy with some of the things that happen after the game and let it be known. Crayton not T.O. is talking which is weird. I do admire Crayton for standing up and giving his opinion.

Many people may look at it as sour grapes, but I think that he just has his own ideas and is expressing it. I guess we will see down the line if the Patriots or the Cowboys meet again. One person is hoping they do and his name is Patrick Crayton.

Dallas Cowboys Have Tough Test In Minnesota


After watching the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots game you can see the Cowboys still have a lot of work to do especially on defense. Now comes Minnesota next on the schedule. It seems no matter what every game is becoming a must win if you want to make the playoffs. With the NY Giants and the Washington Redskins right on the heels of the Cowboys Minnesota is a game we need.

Now if anyone things Minnesota is going to lay down they better guess again. Minnesota is 2-3 right now and need every win they can get. The lead the league in rushing at more than 170 yards a game and Adrian Peterson is a good reason why. In five games he has rushed for 607 yards in only 96 carries. Not bad at all. The Cowboys will need to contain him from the start. Look for our preview Saturday or Sunday morning.

Brady Tosses 5 Touchdown Passes In Rout Of Cowboys


 The Dallas Cowboys got to see why Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are one of the elite teams in the NFL. Brady tossed five touchdown passes enroute to a 48-27 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. This wasn’t unexpected by many, I was a little disappointed in the play of the Cowboys, but remember Cowboy fans this is only one game. Let’s breakdown the game a little more.

Going into the season I told everyone the Cowboys secondary was weak and cutting Aaron Glenn was a mistake. The Cowboys secondary was toast all afternoon long. The biggest problem is when you face a team like the Patriots you need a pass rush. You let Tom Brady stand in the pocket all day and he will kill you. When he was rushed though we weren’t even close to his receivers.

Everyone in the league knows the Cowboys cornerbacks are soft and don’t cover well. The good thing is you don’t have to play that many new England teams during the year. Romo had a decent game but if you want to win you have to match touchdown for touchdown which we didn’t. We abandon the running game to quickly especially in the fourth quarter. Getting stops was crucial and the defense just couldn’t. The bottom line is the better team won. The Patriots are a lot better than the Cowboys right now that is fact. It was a learning experience that the Cowboys will grow from. Let’s see how they rebound from it.

Dallas vs New England Preview


Well, it’s here New England vs Dallas. Probably one of the most hyped early season games in recent years. Both teams come in at 5-0 and New England is probably playing better than anyone right now. The connection of Tom Brady to Randy Moss has been very hard to stop. Hopefully the Cowboys defense will be able to. Let’s break the game down now.

Stopping New England is going to be a very tough job for the Cowboys defense. Brady will use his short passing game and when he can hit Moss for a big one he will. The Cowboys need to watch out for Ben Watson a big tight end who has wide receiver skills. The Cowboys must get pressure on Brady or it’s going to be a long day for them.

Offensively New England is going to try and rush Romo by forcing him to make bad throws. Tony has to take his time and hit Witten and running backs out of the backfield. T.O. is the key for the Cowboys offense. He has to get open and make some big plays if they hope to win. The other key to watch for is the Cowboys rushing attack. Jones and Barber need to help move the sticks by getting first downs when called upon.

Well it’s prediction time and this game should be a very good one. I like the Cowboys, because it’s home in a shootout 34-31. As T.O. would say get your popcorn ready.

Tony Romo’s Dad Battling Prostate Cancer


 Tony Romo has seen the highs and lows of the NFL. He knows nothing is forever and in a instant it could all be gone. That’s life in the NFL. Thursday he announced his dad was battling prostate cancer and this is a tough blow for Tony. Tony and his dad are very close playing golf in his off-time from football.

Tony knows he has a job to do but his heart is with his dad and what he is battling. Our prayers are with the Romo family for a speedy recovering and Tony and Dad can be playing golf real soon. Romo is a pro and it would not surprise me to see him have a monster game this weekend against New England.

Shhh! T.O. Tells People: Get Your Popcorn Ready!


This week is New England on the schedule and something rare is happening this week. T.O. is quiet. In fact all he left reporters was a note basically saying he will answer all questions after the game about the other no. 81 from the original no. 81. Now isn’t that a great pr ploy by Mister Media Terrell Owens.

 One thing about Terrell Owens he wants to prove to everybody who the best receiver in the NFL is and he has a chance this weekend to prove it when the New England Patriots invade Texas Stadium. I look for a very good game. As T.O. would say get your popcorn ready is going to be a hell of a ride!