Cowboys Stop Bills Upset Bid 25-24

1h.jpgThe Buffalo Bills gave the Dallas Cowboys more than they could have imagined. It took Nick Folk to hit a 50 yard plus field goal as time expired to give the Dallas Cowboys a 25-24 win at Buffalo. The Bills intercepted Tony Romo five times and made Romo look somewhat human as the Bills seem to know his every move most of the time.

The Buffalo Bills were not intimidated by all the hoopla surrounding a Monday Night game and came out and played extremely well. The Cowboys on the other hand were horrible at times. Most of this can be a direct result of the Buffalo Bills great play. Were the Cowboys looking past the Buffalo Bills that’s a possibility, but in my opinion they ran into a team in the Buffalo Bills who had something to prove. I think their statement was loud and clear to everyone they are no pushover.

The Cowboys won and in the end that’s all that really matters. The interceptions by Romo were killers and T. O. dropping passes didn’t help either, but like they say a win is a win no matter how you get it.

Buffalo Vs Dallas Preview


If you believe what everyone is telling you this game should be a blowout. That is possible, but nothing in the NFL is easy. The Buffalo Bills have struggled this year, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to lay down in front of a National televised crowd. The Bills are a proud franchise and this gives them a chance to pull a upset.

The Cowboys need to end this one early if all possible. Romo and the Cowboys need to score early and often so the Buffalo Bills have no chance. If the Bills can stay in the game than they have a chance. The Bills aren’t as bad as they have played so far this year. Defensively the Cowboys need to stop the run and put tons of pressure on the quarterback. The key to this game is simple put the Bills away early so they have no chance at all.

My prediction is Cowboys 35-14 over the Bills. I think it will be close for awhile, but the Cowboys just have to many weapons for the Bills defense.

Buffalo Bills Dangerous Team?


The Buffalo Bills right now are a team that has struggled for most of the year so far. What does this mean for Monday’s Night game? Simple watch out for them. You never know what can happen and in my preview Monday I will talk more about it. Buffalo has played decent in spurts, but as a whole no they haven’t.

The Buffalo Bills will be playing in front of a National audience and they have something to prove so they won’t lay down one bit. No team wants another team coming into their stadium and showing them up. Look for this game to be interesting.

Jerry Jones Love Him Or Hate Him He’s Classy


If you bring up the name of Jerry Jones in front of Cowboy fans you could get a very mixed response from people from love to hate. Jones understands this and that doesn’t stop him from doing his job. Jones is more passionate than many people realize and sometimes you have to look past some things he does as many times good things don’t get noticed.

Take Greg Ellis who has been injured and hasn’t played much in the first four games. Ellis took a insurance policy out just in-case he couldn’t come back from his injuries. He learned this from Mack Brown and one year when he was injured he didn’t have one and it cost him dearly. In Jerry Jones office during discussions on a new contract Ellis brought it up to Jones and said he didn’t want to get hurt and have his family being without any money so he wanted to take his injury slow. What did Jones say about it. He commended Ellis for protecting his family and offered to pay the amount of the policy if Ellis gets hurt.

He showed Ellis love and in return Ellis will play even harder for Jones and he knows it. Jones for all his faults does have some good moments and this was one of them.

Dallas Cowboys Retake No. 1 Spot Again


A recent survey on adults who follow professional football the Dallas Cowboys have retaken the top spot unseating the Pittsburgh Steelers as the No. 1 team among adult fans.  The survey which began in 1998 has had the Cowboys never falling out of the top 4. They have usually been one or two.

The Indianapolis Colts are number two now and the Pittsburgh Steelers last year’s number one dropped to number three. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the least favorite of all the NFL teams which surprises me.

How Did Tony Romo Slip Past Everyone On Draft Day?


Tony Romo is a success story that has taken some time, but still a success story. How did a guy who was undrafted and no one really thought much of make it to where he is now? It’s simple a belief in yourself and wanting it very badly. Romo played his college football at eastern Illinois where he rolled up some very impressive stats. His sophomore year he ranked second in passing efficiency completing 164 of 278 passes. He also tossed 27 touchdowns and threw for over 2,500 yards. He was honored that year with the All-American Honorable mention.

In 2002 at Eastern Illinois he won the Water Payton award for the Nation’s Top Player in I-AA football. An honor he is very proud of. Many scouts liked Romo including Shaun Payton and Mike Shanahan of the Broncos. Neither though drafted him when they had the chance. Romo would sign with the Cowboys and had to wait his turn. Once he got it though he has showed everyone why they should have drafted him when they had the chance. I guess that’s just the way it works sometimes.

CowBoys And Romo Roll Over Rams 35-7


The Dallas Cowboys struggled early, but rebounded in the second half and easily beat the St. Louis Rams by a score of 35-7. The game in the first half though wasn’t vintage Cowboys as Romo  struggled. He missed a snapped and accidentally kicked the ball and it looked like a 30 yard plus loss, but somehow he turned it into a positive play. This is how it’s been for the Dallas Cowboys so far. Romo had another stellar game throwing for 339 yards on 21-33 2 touchdowns and one interception.

In the second half Romo led the Cowboys to touchdown drives of 59, 37, and 17. Patrick Crayton had a very good game with 184 yards receiving. Now seeing Greg Ellis playing on defense again was a welcome site, but not everything is great. Are the Cowboys playing well? Yes, but Cowboy fans remember one thing the combined record of the first four opponents are 3-13. So, let’s wait to see what we do when we play a good team first. This week another team that isn’t consider a very good team the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully another easy win, but you never know.

Rams vs Cowboys Preview


The St. Louis Rams come calling into Texas Stadium today to play the Dallas Cowboys. St. Louis Rams come in as a beat up team with many injuries across the board and hope to get a jump-start on there season with a win in Big D. The Rams do have the talent to beat the Cowboys no doubt about that. Dallas must do several things early to put this game away. First and foremost a fast start by the offense is crucial. You don’t want to breathe any life into the St. Louis Rams. giving them a knockout punch early is very important. Teams that are losing look for anything to grasp that is positive so an early touchdown is important.

Defensively we have to get after the Rams up front. Marc Bulger has two bad ribs so we need to make him move around and get after him. If you give him time he will pick your secondary apart. The Rams still have talent at wide receiver and as many pass yards the Cowboys has been giving up this worries me. The key is score early on the Rams, give them no confidence and the Cowboys should win in a Rout. My prediction 34-17 Cowboys.

Too Much Press Too Early


It seems everywhere I turn you read about Tony Romo or the Dallas Cowboys. You flip through channels on television and there you see Cowboys players. This scares me as sometimes the extra press really hurts you more than it helps you.

In my mind the St. Louis Rams is a trap game. The Rams have played horrible so far and it seems it should be a rout, but this is the NFL and anybody can win at anytime. Look for my preview tomorrow.

News And Notes And A Rant


Terence Newman is having some tenderness in his knees and there is a 50/50 chance the Greg Ellis will play Sunday against the Rams. After three weeks the offense looks good, but the defense is what I’m worried about.

Teams are going to exploit our cornerbacks. Henry has played well, but his record as a cover guy is really non-existent. That’s why he has bounced around the NFL. I also like the pick up of Tank Johnson but I don’t know if he will be enough to put the Cowboys defense where it needs to be. Aaron Glenn was a good corner guy, but the Cowboys cut him. I would love to see them pick up a cornerback soon.