Anthony Henry Gets Honored, Gramatica Cut


Anthony Henry didn’t get the NFC defensive honors last week so he made sure before a national audience he pleaded his case with two interceptions which puts his total at four and tops in the league. The Cowboys defense is playing a lot better and must continue to improve if they hope to make it deep in the playoffs or even making the playoffs.

Martin Gramatica got let go as his hamstring injury really hasn’t healed the way he hoped and in reality the writing was on the wall as rookie Nick Folk has taken over the kicking duties anyways.

Cowboys Schedule Not To Tough


Many people including myself have been surprised by the Dallas Cowboys fast start. This fast start has also meant that the Dallas Cowboys ticket is hotter than ever. Looking over their schedule I possibly see 13-3 or a 14-2 season coming up.

To be honest the Dallas Cowboys schedule really isn’t all that tough. Sure you have your divisional opponents, but all in all it’s not that hard. The Cowboys could easily go 13-3 or 14-2, but to be safe I would say 12-4 is more realistic.

Below is what left for the Dallas Cowboys:

  1. St. Louis Rams   Home
  2. Buffalo                  Away
  3. New England      Home
  4. Minnesota           Home
  5. Philadelphia        Away
  6. N.Y. Giants         Away
  7. Washington        Home
  8. N.Y. Jets              Home
  9. Green Bay            Home
  10. Detroit                  Away
  11. Philadelphia        Home
  12. Carolina                Away
  13. Washington         Away

Dallas Rolls Over Chicago 34-10


The Dallas Cowboys rolled again this time in was in Chicago against the Chicago Bears. Tony Romo struggled in the first half as the Bears great defense pressure him and his timing was off. Romo though isn’t one to give up and he kept playing hard and good things happen in the second half. All in all Romo was 22 for 35 and 329 yards and two touchdown passes. Romo also tossed one interception.

Terrell Owens came alive in the second half to lead all Cowboy receivers with 8 catches for 145 yards while Marion barber ran for over 100 yards and one touchdown. Now the Cowboys defense played better and picked off Rex Grossman 3 times to help the Cowboys cause. I was surprised at how well the Cowboys defense played in this game. I do have to admit though Rex Grossman made it a lot easier with throwing those interceptions.

Dallas was able to contain Devin Hester and put pressure on Grossman which was very important. Next up for the Cowboys are the St. Louis Rams who are struggling right now.

Dallas vs Chicago My Take


This should be a real fun game to watch and I can imagine to play in. The Dallas Cowboys are on the road and travel to Chicago to play the Bears on a Sunday Night Nationally televised game.  The bears really haven’t played up to what they are capable of yet and Rex Grossman has been his usual good one game bad the next. The Dallas Cowboys need to get pressure on Rex Grossman and get him to make some mistakes. That will be the key. This game could ride on how well the Dallas defense plays tonight.

On offense Tony Romo will see a lot of blitzes and will have to check off a lot against the Bears defense which is one of the best if not the best. T.O. also will need to help Romo out by cutting some routes short as Romo will be pressured all night long. The running game can help the Cowboys and especially Tony Romo if they can get going, but against Chicago I don’t look for it.

With all this said I still like the Cowboys 17-14 in a very close game. I just think it’s going to come down to the quarterbacks and Romo is playing better than Grossman.

Terence Newman May Play


The Dallas Cowboys defense is the only part in the early season that really worries me. Terence Newman will be a game time decision and he is critical to the Cowboys defense. Newman does so many things on the field that many people don’t realize. He is a good cover guy, but one of the things we miss when Newman is out is his put returns. He is a very good punt returner so that is another factor.

Accord to the Cowboys Newman will be a game time decision, but I think he will play, but we will see tomorrow night. The Cowboys have a tough game at Chicago against the Bears. I will give my preview and pick tomorrow which may surprise a few people.

Our Picks For All-Time Receivers Team


This was one of the hardest positions to pick as many are deserving of starting on the Dallas Cowboys All-Time Team. Let’s break it down and see who made the final cut.

Billy Joe Dupree was one of my favorites who probably didn’t get the press he deserved. Dupree was a great blocker who did whatever the team needed.

Tony Hill was a dynamic receiver who could take it to the house on any play.  Quick with great hands.

Alvin Harper was the same as Hill. He had good hands and speed to burn. He also was a very good blocker down the field.

Jay Novacek was a receiver that played with Troy Aikman and always seemed to get open when Aikman got into trouble.  A great tight end.

Bob Hayes was the first real track star that made the transition from track to football and he did it extremely well that’s for sure.

All the above were great receivers and all were deserving, but I narrowed it down to these final two players.

Michael Irvin was a Cowboys receiver who got the nickname Playmaker for a reason he made plays. If you needed a first down than this is the guy you went to. If he wouldn’t had to retire early there is a good chance he would own every NFL record for receiving.

Drew Pearson earned the nickname Mr. Clutch for various reasons. When there was a big catch that needed to be made he would make it. It didn’t matter if it was across the middle or a five yard out pattern it seem Pearson would catch them all. 

Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson are the two who make it to the all-time team with there stellar play.

It’s Time To Pay Tony Romo


Tony Romo continues to show why the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones need to start paying him like a top notch NFL quarterback. He has proven from last year and the two games this year that he has what it takes to win in the NFL. If you don’t pay him at the end of the season I’m sure he could look at other offers down the road. He’s a perfect fit for the system and works well with T.O. especially.

It’s getting harder to find good quarterbacks in the NFL and once you get one you need to lock them up long term so they can’t go anywhere. I expect Jerry Jones to pay Romo, but in my opinion the sooner the better as he can put it behind him and just play football.

Terrell Owens Gets 7,500 Fine from NFL


Terrell Owens was mostly smiles Wednesday even though the NFL sent him a fine for 7,500 for his end zone celebration in Miami. Even though it was very small and used the ball as a video camera the NFL wasn’t really happy about it anyways. I guess that is why they call it the No Fun League. I think the NFL should worry about more important things than worry about than giving players a fine for having some fun.

Dallas Cowboys All-Time Receivers Team


Well it’s time for us to move on to the Dallas Cowboys All-Time Team and today we are going to look at Receivers. There are many good receivers throughout the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Below is a short list of who could be our choices.

  1. Billy Joe Dupree- Real good tight end that could block too
  2. Tony Hill- Fast and great set of hands
  3. Drew Pearson- Mr Clutch. You needed a catch this is the man
  4. Jay Novacek- Maybe the most underrated receiver in Cowboys history.
  5. Michael Irvin- He just made plays
  6. Bob Hayes- Great speed and the ability to take it to the house
  7. Alvin Harper- Some Good years as a Cowboy

These are the guys we are looking at and we can only take two so let’s get our votes in.

It’s Official Tank Johnson Is A Cowboy


Well I reported this earlier, but it’s official now Tank Johnson is a Dallas Cowboy. Of course he can’t practice or work out with the Cowboys he can only do that after his eight game suspension is over with. I like this signing by the Cowboys for a lot of different reasons.

Tank Johnson will open a lot of things on defense for the Cowboys. With Tank Johnson on the field it gives the Cowboys another pass rusher and let’s others roam free to get to the quarterback if Tank can’t get there. I’m not worry about him getting into trouble as he is trying to start over and I guess we will have to take him at face value.